Batsmen who suffered unusual cricket dismissals in History

unusual cricket dismissals obstructing the field

Batsmen who suffered unusual cricket dismissals in History

Unusual cricket dismissals is a term used for a player losing his wicket in a bizarre way. In cricket, although there are many ways of getting out however some of them are of less routine. Usually batsmen get dismissed through some of the common ways of getting out. Bowled out, lbw, catch, stumped and run out are the most usual ways of getting out. Hit wicket is yet another way of getting dismissed although his practice is not so common. Because batsmen are getting much more sensible each day leaving no room for unusual cricket dismissals. Cricket is getting real fast now and bowled out and catches are the most common ways of getting out apart from stumping.

Unusual cricket dismissals Mankading

Lbw particularly comes handy in test matches as batsmen go with a defensive approach. On the other hand run out defect has mostly been covered by the players with their athletic speed abilities. Leaving a few other usual ways of getting out apart, there are a few unusual cricket dismissals rules. As drafted by the International Cricket Council a batsman can get out through various other ways as well. Timed out, handling the ball, obstructing the field and hitting the ball twice are some of the least practiced ways of getting out. Although mankading is yet another rare dismissal event in cricket, it falls under the category of a run out. Furthermore it is widely considered to be against the spirit of game thus making it less preferred even by the fielding sides.

unusual cricket dismissals in history

One of the weird ways of cricket dismissals that has been in focus recently is obstructing the field. As the name itself depicts, a batsman causing deliberate trouble in a fielder’s way either going for a catch or run out would certainly be referred as an out. Batsmen in past as well as modern era have lost their wickets through this unusual cricket dismissals method. More interestingly, Pakistani players have been the victim of obstructing the field rule for most occasions. The unusual curse for Pakistani players started form Ramiz Raja back in 1987. The most recent incident of a Pakistani player involved in obstructing the field incident came in 2013. Anwar Ali was declared out obstructing the field in a match against South Africa.

The rule is pretty simple however at times it has turned controversial. Although it says the deliberate obstruction of field by a batsman, sometimes involuntary reflexes also cause the batsman to stop a ball coming towards his body.  Batsmen who suffered unusual dismissals in cricket history so far are the following.

Batsmen who suffered unusual cricket dismissals in History

Batsman Dismissal Runs Team Opposition Ground Date
M Amarnath handled the ball 15 India v Australia Melbourne 9 Feb 1986
Rameez Raja obstructing the field 99 Pakistan v England Karachi 20 Nov 1987
M Amarnath obstructing the field 28 India v Sri Lanka Ahmedabad 22 Oct 1989
DJ Cullinan handled the ball 46 South Africa v West Indies Durban 27 Jan 1999
Inzamam-ul-Haq obstructing the field 16 Pakistan v India Peshawar 6 Feb 2006
Mohammad Hafeez obstructing the field 0 Pakistan v South Africa Durban 21 Mar 2013
Anwar Ali obstructing the field 7 Pakistan v South Africa Port Elizabeth 27 Nov 2013
BA Stokes obstructing the field 10 England v Australia Lord’s 5 Sep 2015
CJ Chibhabha handled the ball 18 Zimbabwe v Afghanistan Bulawayo 20 Oct 2015

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