Top 10 highest paid cricketers in World 2016

highest paid cricketers in world

highest paid cricketers: The involvement of some of the top domestic cricket leagues in world has dual effect on the game of cricket. At one end these have turned cricket from a gentlemen’s game to a sportainment activity, on the other they provide huge monetarily advantages to the players. Cricketers who used to struggle once for their livings due to the termination of their central contracts with respective boards enjoy a lot of freedom now a day. This trend of domestic leagues has also led cricket players to retire from International cricket much earlier, so they could make extra amount of money from domestic leagues.

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Cricket, though not as much popular as soccer has got, still ranks as one of the most popular sport in world. The level of this increased popularity is not just the quality of the game but also the involvement of tons of money. Highest paid cricketers in world might not tie with footballers however they still earn an exaggerating amount of money annually. The list of the highest paid cricketers in world is mostly dominated by Indian cricketers with MS Dhoni standing as the richest cricketer in the world. Like the number of trophies he has gathered throughout his career, MS Dhoni has also outnumbered other cricketers in terms of yearly wages and incomes. The current Indian ODI captain earns a staggering amount of $28.7m per year splatted into his BCCI and IPL contracts and the sponsorship endorsements. Dhoni currently earns $23m from his endorsements deals with Virat Kohli in pursuit of him with $18m coming from endorsements.

highest paid cricketers in world Afridi

The current no. 01 batsman in the world earns a net total of $24.9m per annum. Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Khan Afridi enjoys the 4th spot and is the only Pakistani player in the list of the highest paid cricketers for the year 2016. The full list of highest paid cricketers in world for the year 2016 goes as under.

Highest paid cricketers in world 2016

No. Player Salary Endorsements Total income
01 MS Dhoni $5.7m $23m $28.7m
02 Virat Kohli $6.9m $18m $24.9m
03 Chris Gayle $4.5m $3m $7.5m
04 Shahid Afridi $2.3m $4m $6.3m
05 Virender Sehwag $1.8m $4m $5.8m
06 Shane Watson $3.5m $2m $5.5m
07 AB De Villiers $3.5m $2m $5.5m
08 Gautam Ghambir $1.5m $1m $5m
09 Yuvraj Singh $1.8m $2m $3.8m
10 Michael Clark $850,000 $2m $2.9m

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