Top 10 Batsmen with most career runs in T20 Internationals


Top 10 Batsmen with most career runs in T20 Internationals

When it comes to T20 format of cricket sub-continent teams appear pretty dominant over the rest of the world. It is presumed that the shortest version of cricket was invented in the same region. So these teams being specialist in that particular area is no surprise. Asian cricket teams are often considered to be the brave opponents ready to give their all in limited overs game. Although the pace at which they are adopting the latest cricketing techniques might be slower than the rest. But when it comes to t20 format, that too in home conditions, these sides give really tough time to the best cricket teams. The reason for being so much successful in T20 cricket lies in the number of games played by Asian teams. At present Pakistan is leading the number of T20I matches played overall.

most career runs brendon-mccullum

Pakistan Cricket Team has played a total of 107 T20 International matches so far, the most by any team in the world. Similarly Sri Lanka also comes up with higher number of T20 games played. India although have only played 78 T20I matches but the fact that they get to play countless competitive games in IPL makes them a very strong side in shortest format. As of most career runs in T20 internationals are concerned the feat goes to the former Kiwi skipper Brandon McCullum. Although one of the best hard hitter batsmen has retired form all kinds of International action, his record of most career runs is still unbreakable.

Batsmen with most career runs Virat Kohli

The former player played a total of 71 games to score 2140 career runs. Although McCullum was unable to put up the highest individual score in T20I, he was one of the very first players to have hit a hundred. The list then contains the likes of TM Dilshan, Martin Guptill and Umar Akmal. However the most surprising entry in most career runs list is of Virat Kohli. The latest batting sensation is approaching the cricket records at an impeccable pace. The Indian skipper has played just 45 T20I games scoring 1657 runs. He also holds the highest batting average in the shortest format – a ridiculous 57.13 to be specific.

Top 10 players with highest career runs in T20 Internationals are as under.

Top 10 Batsmen with most career runs in T20 Internationals

Player Span Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave
BB McCullum (NZ) 2005-2015 71 70 10 2140 123 35.66
TM Dilshan (SL) 2006-2016 80 79 12 1889 104* 28.19
MJ Guptill (NZ) 2009-2016 61 59 7 1806 101* 34.73
Umar Akmal (PAK) 2009-2016 79 76 13 1689 94 26.80
DA Warner (AUS) 2009-2016 63 63 3 1686 90* 28.10
V Kohli (India) 2010-2016 45 41 12 1657 90* 57.13
JP Duminy (SA) 2007-2016 70 64 21 1654 96* 38.46
Mohammad Hafeez (PAK) 2006-2016 77 75 4 1614 86 22.73
CH Gayle (WI) 2006-2016 50 47 4 1519 117 35.32
DPMD Jayawardene (SL) 2006-2014 55 55 8 1493 100 31.76

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