10 Batsmen with most ODI ducks in career

Batsmen with most ODI ducks Shahid Afridi

10 Batsmen with most ODI ducks in career

Cricket fans all over the world are well aware of the term ‘duck’ in cricket and certainly nobody likes it. The term duck is the shortening of ‘Ducks egg’. A word used for a batsman getting out without scoring any run. The reasons for the term getting into the sport is most probably the alike shape of an egg and number ‘0’. Whatever the reason, the term is being used frequently in cricket and is widely understood by the fans. Though not much adored by the batsmen, there are many further types of ducks. Golden duck, diamond duck, Silver duck and Bombay duck are some sub-categories of a cricket duck. However we are talking about most ODI ducks at the moment.

Batsmen with most ODI ducks

Batsmen with most ODI ducks in their career would never appreciate our effort though. Nevertheless, it is a cricket record eternally engraved unto the records book. Statistically, the tale of ducks in all three formats of the game is never less interesting than its derivation. In test matches the unwanted feat of having most career ducks belongs to Courtney Walsh. One of the highest wicket taking bowlers in tests from the Caribbean’s has been dismissed on zero for a record 43 occasions. However, that is not of much surprise as he was no genuine batsmen at all. Furthermore, the record of getting dismissed on a duck for most consecutive times is grossed by an Indian all-rounder. Ajit Agarkar holds the unique feat after getting out on zero in 7 successive test innings.

Batsmen with most ODI ducks Jayasuriya

The stats get even more interesting moving on to ODIs. Most ODI ducks in career feat is held by some of the best cricketers around the world known for their batting. On top of the most ODI ducks in career sits, Sri Lankan hard hitter ST Jayasuriya. One of the best opening batsman for Sri Lanka well reputed for his aggressive batting. Jayasuriya holds the record of getting out on zero 34 times – most by any player in the world. The former Sri Lankan is followed by Shahid Afridi. The Pakistani all-rounder who held the top place in fastest ODI century’s list for a long time. Considering  his batting form now a day as well as Jayasuriya is no longer in action, he would soon crawl on to the top spot of most ODI ducks list.

Furthermore, unsurprisingly most of these players falling in the undesirable class are hard hitting players losing out their wickets while going for big shots. More interestingly in top 10 of these players with most ODI ducks, the amount of Sri Lankan players is really dominant.

10 Batsmen with most ODI ducks in career

Player Matches Runs Ave. Ducks
ST Jayasuriya 445 13430 32.36 34
Shahid Afridi* 398 8064 23.57 30
Wasim Akram 356 3717 16.52 28
DPMD Jayawardene 448 12650 33.37 28
WPUJC Vaas 322 2025 13.68 25
RS Kaluwitharana 189 3711 22.22 24
SL Malinga* 191 475 7.08 23
DL Vettori 295 2253 17.33 23
CH Gayle* 269 9221 37.33 23
HH Gibbs 248 8094 36.13 22

10 Batsmen with most ODI ducks in career

  1. ST Jayasuriya
  2. Shahid Afridi
  3. Wasim Akram
  4. DPMD Jayawardene
  5. WPUJC Vaas
  6. RS Kaluwitharana
  7. SL Malinga
  8. DL Vettori
  9. CH Gayle
  10. HH Gibbs

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