Neymar apologises for cursing at Brazil detractors

Neymar apologises for cursing at Brazil detractors

Neymar apologised on Tuesday for aiming profanity at critical Brazil fans. He did that following the team’s early exit from the Copa America Centenario.

Neymar apologises for cursing at Brazil detractors

Neymar apologises
Neymar has been pretty expressive about his opinion

Brazil lost 1-0 to Peru on Sunday after a controversial goal. Neymar later defended his team from detractors in an Instagram post using rather explicit language.

But the Barcelona star backtracked on Tuesday, saying in a another that he had written his initial reaction in haste.

“My five minutes in Brazil were enough to realize that my post/outflow on Instagram had a negative repercussion, huge around here,” he wrote. “What I’ve heard from people who met me at the airport was that I had “exceeded” myself…I admit…Yes, I overreacted.

“Apologies to all of those who felt offended, it’s the least I can do. I wrote all of that after the end of the match against Peru and got really upset with the elimination and angry with the words I had heard and read towards those athletes. After all, I’m part of that group.

“There is a small portion that also overreacts with the microphone or a pen in hands, but like I said, a small portion. I aimed at a dozen and hit thousands, millions.”

“The yellow jersey is too glorious and to get back to winning we need to be together and above all respect each other and know the difficulties of one another. And on my post I lacked respect with everybody, journalists and fans.

“Now it’s time to say sorry and move on, enjoy the rest of my vacation and start preparing for the Olympics. It is our goal now.”

Neymar apologises
Neymar is patriotic when it comes to his country

Neymar will catch up with the team later this summer when the host the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Although he will have to train under a new coach. Brazil sacked the previous manager Dunga on Tuesday.


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