Top 10 Highest match aggregates in T20 Internationals

Highest match aggregates South Africa vs West Indies

Top 10 Highest match aggregates in T20 Internationals

T20 cricket format is meant to be invented for batsmen. Or at least that is the perception public gets looking at the stats. In just 20 overs per side, batsmen try to score as many as possible runs in T20 regardless of the fear to lose wicket and majority of the time they succeed making the format a batting-dominant one. Although some of the best bowlers also tend to do much better job than many of the rest. But in the end it is fair enough to call this format a batting favored one. While we all know that there would be a lot of runs coming in a T20 game, sometimes the things get really unexpected in terms of highest match aggregates.

Highest match aggregates South Africa vs England

In a domestic T20 leagues game one can expect both teams crossing the 200 runs mark in their respective 20 overs however at International level it is rare. South Africa was beaten by England during the T20 world cup 2016 despite setting a target of 230. It was a shocking performance by the English side as they chased down one of the biggest T20 total in a world cup. A total of 459 runs were scored during the match – third most in the highest match aggregates list. Before this West Indies and South Africa were involved in a t20 game in 2015 that ended with a total of 467 runs in total – the second highest match aggregate in T20I history.

Highest match aggregates India ve west indies

Things get more interesting when we speak of the ongoing West Indies vs India T20 series. The first game that was eventually won by West Indies by just 1 runs witnessed the highest match aggregates in T20 international history. A total of 489 runs were scored by both teams in 40 overs including two fastest hundreds and two fifties. Had India chased down the target – that they missed by a single run, it would also have been the highest chase in T20I history.

Top 10 Highest match aggregates in T20 Internationals

Team 1 Team 2 Runs Wkts Overs RR Ground Match Date
India West Indies 489 10 40.0 12.22 Lauderhill 27 Aug 2016
South Africa West Indies 467 13 39.2 11.87 Johannesburg 11 Jan 2015
England South Africa 459 12 39.4 11.57 Mumbai 18 Mar 2016
England Australia 457 12 40.0 11.42 Southampton 29 Aug 2013
New Zealand Australia 428 10 40.0 10.70 Christchurch 28 Feb 2010
England India 418 10 40.0 10.45 Durban 19 Sep 2007
India Sri Lanka 417 11 39.1 10.64 Mohali 12 Dec 2009
South Africa West Indies 413 8 37.4 10.96 Johannesburg 11 Sep 2007
Australia England 413 13 40.0 10.32 Hobart 29 Jan 2014
South Africa Australia 409 12 40.0 10.22 Johannesburg 6 Mar 2016

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