youngest cricket players to make ODI debut

Top 10 youngest cricket players to make international debut

Top 10 youngest cricket players to make international debut

Age plays an indubitable role in any athlete’s performance. Usually athletes regardless of what type of sport they play, demonstrate their peak performances in their 20’s. As soon as the age number starts crossing mid-thirties, their show begins to fade away. However in cricket the case is a bit different. Although the game of cricket is physically as much demanding as any other sport in the world, cricket players carry on their extensive careers until 40’s in some cases. Similar situation is with their debut, as cricket has seen some of the youngest cricket players putting their footsteps into the international arena.

youngest cricket players to make international debut

Countries with a strong cricketing structure groom up their young blood making them capable enough to appear in international cricket at very early years of age. However on the same time the establishment of junior level cricket teams has somehow prevented the youngest cricket players to have an early call in international arena. Now a day, cricket nations have a different cricket side to represent their country in various age groups. Similarly the arrangements of the mega events of such sides by International cricket council has made the junior level cricket a lot more appealing. Obviously every player dreams of making a debut into his national side to represent the country on international level however instead of getting into the waiting-lots to get an opportunity at national level, players prefer to play junior level cricket. An age group of U-19 has always proved to be most beneficial in generating young talents. Some of the finest cricket players at the moment have emerged from their respective under 19 sides.

youngest cricket players to make international debut Shahid Afridi

Still 19 years of age is old enough for a player to be one of the youngest cricket players to make an international debut. Cricket world has witnessed some of the exceptionally talented players making their way into the national sides long before their 20’s. In fact, the record of being the youngest ever debutant in cricket is held by a player at the age of just 14 and a half years. The now 34 year right handed batsman for Pakistan, Hasan Raza was the youngest player to make an international debut against Zimbabwe. Back on 30 Oct 1996, Raza was 14 years and 233 days old when he represented Pakistan cricket team in Quetta. Although he was unable to make a long lasting impression for the national side the feat of being at the top of youngest cricket players in history got on his name. The full list of top 10 youngest cricket players on ODI debut is as under.

Top 10 youngest cricket players to make international debut

Player Age Country Opposition Debut date
Hasan Raza 14y 233d Pakistan Zimbabwe 30 Oct 1996
Gurdeep Singh 15y 258d Kenya Afghanistan 4 Oct 2013
NR Kumar 15y 273d Canada Afghanistan 18 Feb 2010
Aaqib Javed 16y 127d Pakistan West Indies 10 Dec 1988
Yodhin Punja 16y 206d U.A.E. Hong Kong 16 Nov 2015
Shahid Afridi 16y 215d Pakistan Kenya 2 Oct 1996
Ramveer Rai 16y 229d U.A.E. Sri Lanka 17 Jul 2004
Sachin Tendulkar 16y 238d India Pakistan 18 Dec 1989
Waqas Khan 16y 253d Hong Kong U.A.E. 18 Nov 2015
Mohammad Ashraful 16y 278d Bangladesh Zimbabwe 11 Apr 2001

Top 10 youngest cricket players to make international debut

  1. Hasan Raza
  2. Gurdeep Singh
  3. NR Kumar
  4. Aaqib Javed
  5. Yodhin Punja
  6. Shahid Afridi
  7. Ramveer Rai
  8. Sachin Tendulkar
  9. Waqas Khan
  10. Mohammad Ashraful

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