Top 10 shortest cricketers in International cricket history

Kruger van Wyk shortest cricketers

Top 10 shortest cricketers in International cricket history

Bowling, batting or fielding, the height of a player plays an important role in all three fields of the game. Tallest cricket bowlers whether pacers or spin bowlers immensely get advantage of their well-grown extended limbs to create difficulty for batsmen. Similarly batters loaded with vast physical power boosted by their massive structures can easily toss the ball out of ground. West Indian players are a perfect example of how much stature matters in cricket field. A team consisting of giant all-rounders has always been a dominant force in cricket world (excluding the era they were latent due to the financial or administrative matters) their naturally athletic build has always helped him grow into perfect hard hitters and splendidly good fielders. However, on the other hand history has witnessed some mutineers to the generality as well. There have been and still are some cricketing greats in the world known to be the shortest cricketers but their performances make them colossal. A single example of these ‘biggest little men’ of cricket is the god of cricket- Sachin Tendulkar. The complete detail of the shortest cricketers to have played at international level comes in the paras to follow.

Top 10 shortest cricketers in International cricket history

10. Sachin Tendulkar – 5 ft. 5 in

shortest cricketers Sachin Tendulkar

Although there are so many cricket players in the world having the same height as of Sachin Tendulkar but nobody has been able to reach his cricketing enormity. The biggest little man in the history of cricket is invincible for his cricket records and will stay to be the same for quite some years from now. The world record holder for most test runs, most number of centuries and many others alike, Sachin Tendulkar never let fans feel that he is in anyway short of others.

09. David Williams – 5 ft. 4 in

David Williams shortest cricketers

Worry not, all West Indian cricketers are not giants, some of them have been the shortest cricketers as well. Take the former West Indian wicketkeeper David Williams. Standing just over five feet David represented the Caribbean national team in 11 Tests and 36 ODIs before getting his attention diverted towards coaching.

08. Alvin Isaac Kallicharran – 5 ft. 4 in

Alvin Isaac Kallicharran shortest cricketers

The West Indian legendary player who got magic in both of his hands.  Though not very well-known to the present cricket followers, Alvin Kallicharran represented West Indies from 1972 to 1981. He was the part of West Indian side that won the World Cup 1975 and 1979. Known for his elegant batting style, Alvin scored over 4000 test runs with an impressive average of 44 before getting his career ended after being involved in some controversies.

07. Mominul Haque – 5ft. 3.5in

Mominul Haque shortest cricketers

The young Bangladeshi batting sensation has been superbly impressive in test cricket since his debut. Momin made a half century on his test debut and since then he has scored at least 1 fifty plus score in one inning of a test match for 11 consecutive matches. That makes him the only 5th batsman in the world to have done so. Aged 24, Mominul Haque currently averages 58.50 in test format. More interestingly he is only 5 ft. 3 1⁄2 in (161 cm) in height – 7th in the list of shortest cricketers in the world.

06. Gundappa Viswanath – 5 ft. 3 in

Gundappa Viswanath shortest cricketers

One of the finest Indian batsman of 70’s era, Gundappa Viswanath was the Brother-in-law of Sunil Gavaskar. One of the shortest cricketers to have honored the game, Gundappa played 91 test matches for India scoring over 6000 runs at an average of 42 including 14 centuries. Courtesy his undersized build he was a brilliant slip fielder as well.

05. Parthiv Patel – 5 ft. 3 in

Parthiv Patel shortest cricketers

The youngest wicketkeeper in test cricket history Parthiv Patel’s career did not get well as he was given a very few chances in national side. A fine left handed batsman, who opted to go for a team’s wicket keeping already filled with some of the finest wicketkeepers in the world, never managed to get a permanent place in the side. At the time of his coming into national side wicket keeping responsibility was held by Rahul Dravid and after Rahul MS Dhoni stick to the spot leaving no room for a third party. Aged 31 at the moment, one of the shortest cricketers still has the time to play for India however chances for his selection are almost zero now.

04. Mushfiqur Rahim – 5 ft. 3 in

Mushfiqur Rahim shortest cricketers

In an underrated cricket team like Bangladesh, players like Mushfiqur Rahim are a real asset. The versatile Bangladeshi middle order wicket keeping batsman has been a permanent member of his national side for many years now. A specialist wicketkeeper who can bat at any position in the top order holds the record of scoring first test double hundred for Bangladesh. One of the most reliable member of the side Mashfiqur has led Bangladesh team as well.

03. Temba Bavuma 5 ft. 3 in

Temba Bavuma shortest cricketers

The latest addition into the South African cricket team might not be as physical as Dale Steyn or Morne Morkal however in talent and ability he is not less than any other world class cricketer. Standing at a little more than 5 feet 3 inches tall, Temba Bavuma became the first black South African to score a test hundred earlier this year. His unbeaten 102 against England in Cape Town grabbed the attention of the whole world making him an inspiration for all the underprivileged classes.

02. Walter Tich Cornford – 4 ft. 11 in

Walter Tich Cornford shortest cricketers

There are many shortest cricketers in the world however getting a name for someone’s tiny stature is an exception. And that exception belongs to the English batsman Walter Latter Cornford. Commonly known with the nickname ‘Tich for his minute elevation Walter Cornford represented England in just 4 test matches way back in 1930s.

01. Kruger van Wyk – 4 ft. 10 in

Kruger van Wyk shortest cricketers

South Africa has a long list of its native players representing other countries. Some of the best international cricket players like Kevin Petersen and Grant Elliot who made huge reputation for their teams have moved from South Africa after not getting their chances to showcase their cricket talent. Same was the case with Kruger van Wyk. Probably on top of the shortest cricketers list, the wicketkeeper batsman’s chances in South African national team was obstructed by Mark Boucher- the man with most dismissals behind the stumps. Thus he decided to move unto New Zealand and make an impression there. Representing Kiwis Kruger van Wyk played just 9 Tests and 56 T20 matches before getting retired last year.

Top 10 shortest cricketers in International cricket

  1. Kruger van Wyk
  2. Walter Tich Cornford
  3. Temba Bavuma
  4. Mushfiqur Rahim
  5. Parthiv Patel
  6. Gundappa Viswanath
  7. Mominul Haque
  8. Alvin Isaac Kallicharran
  9. David Williams
  10. Sachin Tendulkar

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