10 Bowlers with most maiden T20 overs in career

most maiden T20 overs in career m amir

10 Bowlers with most maiden T20 overs in career

Miracles do happen in the world even today. Isn’t this a miracle that a bowler gets escaped without conceding a single run in a T20 over? If it is, then what about those having bowled the most maiden T20 overs in career? A super-miracle I believe it would be termed. Coming back to the real world, everybody knows what the nature of T20 game is. The fastest version of the game available at the moment has no mercy for the bowlers. ‘Hitting it hard and hitting it often’ is the only phrase batsmen are taught while they are sent for batting. As a matter of fact, even if they are not directed to do so, they obviously do the same. Just 20 overs’ game does not allow a batsman to wait for chances. In fact he has to create chances himself.

most maiden T20 overs in career Nuwan Kulasekara

On the other hand bowlers, the glum creatures, can only see their balls mercilessly beaten out of the ropes. In a scenario of such charge down, bowling a maiden over should be called as a miracle. Bowlers who have bowled most number of maiden t20 overs must be fortune. Although the ratio of such marvels is very little, it should have been zero in fact. Because these are not just batsmen who score runs but the extras especially byes and leg byes usually ruin a bowler’s economy rate. Modern day cricket is getting fast every week. Not just in hard hitting but also fastest bowlers are emerging each day as well. The trend of bowling with pace where proves tough for the batsmen, in the same time in t20 proves fatal for the bowler himself. Fastest delivers in format with zero concern of losing wicket, are quite easy to handle.

most maiden T20 overs in career muhammad amir

 Sri Lankan bowler Nuwan Kulasekara holds the record of having bowled most maiden t20 overs in career. Of 176.1 t20 overs bowled so far, 6 of Kulasekara’s overs were scoreless. Kulasekara is followed by five more bowlers with equal number of maiden t20 overs bowled so far. These include Harbhajan Singh as well as Pakistani pacer Muhammad Amir. The young talent would have been of great success had he not fallen into the wrong hands. Nevertheless he still has the opportunity to recover. Top 10 bowlers with highest number of t20 maiden overs in their careers are listed as under.

10 Bowlers with most maiden T20 overs in career

Player Span Mat Overs Mdns Runs Wkts BBI Ave Econ
KMDN Kulasekara (SL) 2008-2016 50 176.1 6 1280 56 4/32 22.85 7.26
Harbhajan Singh (India) 2006-2016 28 102.0 5 633 25 4/12 25.32 6.20
DT Johnston (Ire) 2008-2013 30 99.0 5 636 32 4/22 19.87 6.42
BAW Mendis (SL) 2008-2014 39 147.3 5 952 66 6/8 14.42 6.45
Mohammad Amir (Pak) 2009-2016 29 107.0 5 756 34 3/18 22.23 7.06
Mohammad Nabi (Afg) 2010-2016 45 163.0 5 1126 47 4/17 23.95 6.90
Abdur Razzak (Ban) 2006-2014 34 121.4 4 838 44 4/16 19.04 6.88
Mudassar Bukhari (Neth) 2008-2016 38 117.2 4 780 43 4/7 18.13 6.64
JJ Bumrah (India) 2016-2016 18 67.3 4 431 24 3/11 17.95 6.38

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