Top 10 Lowest T20 team totals in history

Lowest T20 team totals Netherlands

Top 10 Lowest T20 team totals in history

Highest team total in T20 format is certainly in highlights after what happened in the first T20 game between. One of the games with highest match aggregates in history though did not had the highest inning total but 245 run target was one of the highest. One of the most thrilling matches in T20 history contained numerous number of cricket records. India who lost by just run in the end almost created history by chasing the biggest target in T20 format but the nature had the other plans. Whatever the outcome, the game was certainly a dream match for all the cricket lovers. Also the game obliged people to look into record books for the highest T20 totals and biggest chase as well.

Lowest T20 team totals Sri Lanka vs Netherlands

With the game played out a few days ago so much highlighted most of the fans must be aware of the biggest team totals in T20I. But do you know the lowest T20 team totals in history? At one end there are almost 500 runs being scored in a single match while on the other hand a team has been bowled out on just 39 runs.  You heard it right, the least score in the lowest T20 team totals list is just 39 runs. Netherlands scored a mere 39 runs against Sri Lanka back in 2014 the lowest ever total in history. The side was unable to play the half of the allocated overs with their only one batsman getting past the double figures score.

Lowest T20 team totals New Zealand

Sri Lanka in reply chased down the target in just 5 overs on the loss of one wicket. Interestingly it is team Sri Lanka who holds the record of biggest total in T20Is and bowling out the opposition on the lowest score. Their 260 runs against Kenya is the highest team total in T20s while they bowled out Netherlands on the lowest total of just 39 runs. The list of lowest T20 team totals however contains the weak cricket sides except New Zealand. The Kiwis were bowled out on 60 runs again against Sri Lanka in March 2014.

Top 10 Lowest T20 team totals in history

Team Score Overs RR Opposition Ground Match Date
Netherlands 39 10.3 3.71 Sri Lanka Chittagong 24 Mar 2014
Nepal 53 14.3 3.65 Ireland Belfast 13 Jul 2015
Kenya 56 18.4 3.00 Afghanistan Sharjah 30 Sep 2013
New Zealand 60 15.3 3.87 Sri Lanka Chittagong 31 Mar 2014
Kenya 67 17.2 3.86 Ireland Belfast 4 Aug 2008
Ireland 68 16.4 4.08 West Indies Providence 30 Apr 2010
Nepal 69 17.4 3.90 v Netherlands Amstelveen 1 Jul 2015
Hong Kong 69 17.0 4.05 Nepal Chittagong 16 Mar 2014
Bermuda 70 20.0 3.50 Canada Belfast 5 Aug 2008
Bangladesh 70 15.4 4.46 New Zealand Kolkata 26 Mar 2016

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