Top 20 highest ODI totals in Cricket history

highest ODI totals in Cricket world featured

Top 20 highest ODI totals in Cricket history

Almost a decade ago from now, cricket used to be a pretty calm game not just in terms of players’ bearing but in terms of scoring runs as well. Fear not, as this isn’t yet another cricket and the gentlemen’s game sort of article. Actually, this time the points of discussion is the abrupt rise in players’ run scoring appetite resulting in some mammoth ODI totals on the board.  To give the notion a statistical authority, take a look at the top 20 highest ODI totals in cricket history. Apart from one target, coming right on bottom of the list that too against one of the weakest cricket opponents in the world, not a single of the top 20 highest ODI totals has been recorded in 90’s era.

highest ODI totals in Cricket world history

The trend of putting up some great totals for the opposition side has emerged in most recent years. The advent of T20 format of the game is also somehow a contributor to the trend apart from cricket rules being more ideal for the batting sides. Similarly the promotion of associate cricket teams in major events of International Cricket Council has offered the best cricket teams to pile up huge scores taking advantage of their inexperience. Though these sides deserve a place to be a participant in apex ICC events and they do clear the proper qualifying criterion for playing such events. But a competition between a world’s best cricket team and a newbie in the profession usually results in something out of common. The numbers on top of the highest ODI totals list was also a manifesto of such cockeyed encounter a few days ago. A 443 run target set by Sri Lanka against the infants Netherlands. Both Jayasuriya and TM Dilshan charged down against the inexperienced Netherlands bowlers to record the second highest total. Now England holds that feat against a side that is considered to be the best bowling attack in the world – Pakistan.

highest ODI totals in Cricket world

The scoring graph of cricket games is expected to grow further in coming years as stats suggest. The most recent ODI World Cup held in New Zealand and Australia jointly, has set a new trend of scoring over 400 runs on routine basis. Interestingly, these World Cup 2015 venues were the same which used to be death for batsmen against the pace bowlers a few years ago.  World Cup 2015 was the last major event of ODI cricket recently. Most teams of the cricket world after the world cup 2015 were busy in anticipatory preparations of the T20 world cup. However now as T20 world cup has reached its ultimate fate, One Day International game will again rise to its climax thus making teams’ approach towards the game even more vivid. Expecting the highest ODI totals in cricket to be reinvented soon, let’s take a look at the standing top 20 highest ODI totals chart.

Top 20 highest ODI totals in Cricket history







Match Date

30 August 2016



Sri Lanka 443/9 Netherlands 4 Jul 2006 Amstelveen
South Africa 439/2 West Indies 18 Jan 2015 Johannesburg
South Africa 438/9 Australia 12 Mar 2006 Johannesburg
South Africa 438/4 India 25 Oct 2015 Mumbai
Australia 434/4 South Africa 12 Mar 2006 Johannesburg
South Africa 418/5 Zimbabwe 20 Sep 2006 Potchefstroom
India 418/5 West Indies 8 Dec 2011 Indore
Australia 417/6 Afghanistan 4 Mar 2015 Perth
India 414/7 Sri Lanka 15 Dec 2009 Rajkot
India 413/5 Bermuda 19 Mar 2007 Port of Spain
Sri Lanka 411/8 India 15 Dec 2009 Rajkot
South Africa 411/4 Ireland 3 Mar 2015 Canberra
South Africa 408/5 West Indies 27 Feb 2015 Sydney
England 408/9 New Zealand 9 Jun 2015 Birmingham
India 404/5 Sri Lanka 13 Nov 2014 Kolkata
New Zealand 402/2 Ireland 1 Jul 2008 Aberdeen
India 401/3 South Africa 24 Feb 2010 Gwalior
South Africa 399/6 Zimbabwe 22 Oct 2010 Benoni
England 399/9 South Africa 3 Feb 2016 Bloemfontein
Sri Lanka 398/5 Kenya 6 Mar 1996 Kandy

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