Top 10 most expensive overs in ODI history

most expensive overs in ODI history Shahid Afridi

Top 10 most expensive overs in ODI history

The whole world is crazy about the most expensive stuff existing on the planet earth. Most expensive players, most expensive cars most expensive useless things and the list goes on. While the trend gets the whole world enthralled why should cricket be left late? So the idea is to highlight the most expensive overs in ODI matches. And by most expensive overs we certainly did not mean the overs selling on huge price. Just kidding. Most expensive overs in cricket are obviously the ones giving away most runs in them. While T20 format is the fastest version of cricket with only 20 overs allocated to each side. A batsman gathering maximum number of runs in a single over in T20 makes sense. However, even One Day Internationals are no exception from the hit-hard decree.

most expensive overs in ODI history Afridi

In fact most expensive overs in ODIs are no less economical than the ones bowled in t20s. The world has witnessed a perfect six sixes in both formats of the limited cricket. In t20 format the feat was done by Yuvraj Singh while in ODIs Herschelle Gibbs holds the record of hitting six sixes in an over. It was in 2006 when the former South African charged down against the Netherlands bowler Daan van Bunge. Till this day no one has been able to repeat the heroics in ODI format. The list of most expensive overs however contains an over of 35 runs as well. In fact Thisara Perera, who hit 35 runs against Robin Peterson had the chance to break Gibbs’ record. The over that went for 35 runs was actually consisted of seven deliveries but Parera could not hit six sixes.

most expensive overs in ODI history Gibbs

Moreover, a 30 run over in ODI match is not a special thing now a day. There have been various incidents in recent days when a player went on to collect as much as 30 runs from a single over. Top 10 most expensive overs in ODI history are as under.

Top 10 most expensive overs in ODI history

Runs Batsmen Bowler Match Venue Year
36 HH Gibbs (666666) DLS van Bunge South Africa v Netherlands St. Kitts 2006/07
35 NLTC Perera (6W66646) RJ Peterson Sri Lanka v South Africa Pallekele 2013
34 AB de Villiers (4nb62nb44426) JO Holder South Africa v West Indies Sydney 2014/15
32 Shahid Afridi (446666) CM Bandara Pakistan v Sri Lanka Abu Dhabi 2007
31 KS Williamson (1)

JEC Franklin (6646N4x2)

Rizwan Cheema

HS Baidwan

New Zealand v Canada Mumbai 2010/11


30 ST Jayasuriya (x4066661) Aamer Sohail Sri Lanka v Pakistan Singapore 1995/96
30 ST Jayasuriya (666642) CZ Harris Sri Lanka v New Zealand Sharjah 2000/01
30 M Boucher (41) JH Kallis (2W5666) LP van Troost South Africa v Netherlands St. Kitts 2006/07
30 AD Mascarenhas (066666) Yuvraj Singh England v India The Oval 2007
30 LRPL Taylor (46W6W246) Abdul Razzaq New Zealand v Pakistan Pallekele 2010/11

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