The upcoming cricket fixtures to look forward to

upcoming cricket fixtures 1

The upcoming cricket fixtures to look forward to

The start of the 2016 has really been much eventful for the cricket fans with a lot of cricket action going around the world. With three world cups scheduled to be played out in the early months of 2016, the year has been a blessing for the cricket lovers, making it difficult to blink their eyes at times. Interestingly with the T20 world cup 2016 being the target for all the sides, all cricket boards arranged as many as possible events of the shortest version of cricket, thus offering the cricket fans an irresistible amount of action-packed entertainment.

upcoming cricket fixtures 2016

However as the T20 World Cup 2016 witnessed its rightful title holder, there has been a sudden break in International cricketing action. At present Indian Premier League and the domestic ODI tournament of Pakistan seems to be the only significant cricket events on their ways. Thus, the appetite of a cricket fan to witness some quality cricket especially on International level is rising and fans are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming cricket fixtures. Although Indian Premier League being a long-interval cricketing event will continue to spread its magic for the coming days, there are some International upcoming cricket fixtures on their way as well.

upcoming cricket fixtures 2

And this time the apex tournament of the T20 format not in sight, the focus of most of the cricketing nations would be on the traditional formats of cricket e.g. Test and One Day International series. And in fact with the ever increasing popularity of the shortest version of cricket, the survival of the two traditional cricket formats is somehow challenging. So it would be a great step by the teams to focus on the most basic and classy type of cricket in this ever-altering scenario. The full list of upcoming cricket fixtures a true cricket fan should not skip follows as under in the coming months of the year 2016.

The upcoming Cricket fixtures 2016

  • Sri Lanka tour of England starting from 19th May 2016
  • West Indies vs Australia vs South Africa Tri-Nation series, starting from 3rd June 2016
  • Sri Lanka in Ireland ODI Series, starting from 16th June 2016
  • Sri Lanka in England ODI Series, starting from 21st June 2016
  • Ireland v Afghanistan ODI Series, starting from 10th July 2016
  • Pakistan in England Test Series, starting from 15th July 2016
  • Sri Lanka vs Australia Warne-Muralitharan Trophy, starting from 26th July 2016
  • United Arab Emirates in Scotland ODI Series, starting from 14th August 2016
  • Pakistan in Ireland ODI Series, starting from 18th August 2016
  • New Zealand in South Africa Test Series, starting from 19th August 2016
  • Pakistan in England ODI Series, starting from 24th August 2016
  • Australia in South Africa ODI Series, starting from 30th September 2016
  • Sri Lanka in South Africa Test Series, starting from 26 December 2016

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