Top 10 Best T20 Bowling figures in Cricket

Best T20 Bowling figures in Cricket Umar Gul

Top 10 Best T20 Bowling figures in Cricket

Bowlers have always been the most crucial part of a team’s success. History is the witness, whenever there emerged a side known to be indomitable, it necessarily relied on its bowlers. Although to be an invincible side, teams need perfection in every single aspect but major praise is given to the bowlers. West Indian team of late 70s and Australian squad during their golden era had some of the fastest bowlers in the world. Both these squads were considered to be unbeatable and in reality they were unconquerable. As the time passed, other teams evolved as well giving a challenge to their authority. In the meantime finest players got replaced by the new ones, making the sides an easy opponent.

Best T20 Bowling figures in Cricket Ajantha Mendis

When it comes to best T20 bowling figures or bowlers’ dominance in T20, the dream is yet to be fulfilled. T20 has always been a batsman’s game and will remain so. There is no shortage of hard hitter batsmen in the world and these power packs never reluctant to punish the bowlers. In fact the format of T20 cricket itself is all about hard hitting. Why should one be playing defensive game when you have only 20 overs in hand? This hard hitting mind set will never let bowlers dominate the t20 format irrelevant how good they are in their field. That is exactly the reason best t20 bowling figures matter that much. Bowling exceptionally well in a format that is designed to kill the bowlers certainly deserves a praise.

Best T20 Bowling figures in Cricket Gul

Best T20 bowling figures are no less than any miraculous bowling spell bowled in any other format. Though it is known to be a hell for the bowlers, there is no lack of quality bowlers giving unbelievable performances at times. Best T20 bowling figures so far belong to Sri Lankan spinner Ajantha Mendis. During a match against Zimbabwe in 2012, Mendis took an incredible 6 wickets in his 4 overs by giving just 8 runs. 2 of his overs were maiden as well. A similar performance was given by the bowlers himself a year back as well against the mighty Aussies. This time only with double the runs he conceded against Zimbabwe.

The list is then followed by yet another Sri Lankan Rangana Herath with his 5 wickets for a mere 3 runs. Herath bowled only 3.3 overs to settle the complete New Zealand batting line up. Top 10 similar best T20 bowling figures are as under.

Top 10 Best T20 Bowling figures in Cricket

Player Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Eco Team Opposition
BAW Mendis 4.0 2 8 6 2.00 Sri Lanka Zimbabwe
BAW Mendis 4.0 1 16 6 4.00 Sri Lanka v Australia
HMRKB Herath 3.3 2 3 5 0.85 Sri Lanka New Zealand
Umar Gul 3.0 0 6 5 2.00 Pakistan New Zealand
Umar Gul 2.2 0 6 5 2.57 Pakistan South Africa
Elias Sunny 4.0 1 13 5 3.25 Bangladesh  Ireland
Samiullah Shenwari 4.0 0 13 5 3.25 Afghanistan Kenya
TG Southee 4.0 1 18 5 4.50 New Zealand Pakistan
R McLaren 3.5 0 19 5 4.95 South Africa West Indies
Ahsan Malik 4.0 0 19 5 4.75 Netherlands  South Africa

Best T20 Bowling figures in Cricket

  1. BAW Mendis
  2. HMRKB Herath
  3. Umar Gul
  4. Elias Sunny
  5. Samiullah Shenwari
  6. TG Southee
  7. R McLaren
  8. Ahsan Malik

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