Most consecutive five wicket hauls in Test history

Most consecutive five wicket hauls Mitchell Starc

Most consecutive five wicket hauls in Test history

Though at the moment there are several cricket series are being played between some of the best teams in the world but the bowlers has been making a name in Sri Lanka vs Australia clash. No doubt during the England vs Pakistan tie the world witnessed some of the best bowling figures from few players but in reality the pure domination from bowlers was shown in series between the host islanders and Aussies. In fact it was during the same series that the record of most consecutive five wicket hauls reinstated courtesy Rangana Herath and Mitchell Starc. Australia for the first time in test history faced the humiliation of being white-washed from Sri Lanka in the test series. Their batting names totally collapsed on conventional sub-continent pitches. But somehow Mitchell Starc and co. managed to keep themselves on target.

Most consecutive five wicket hauls Starc

The only player from Australian side that showed some signs of life was Mitchell Starc. The tall scary pacer continued to frighten the batsman with his accuracy and kept demolishing the stumps. During the series Mitchell Starc took a total of three consecutive five wickets haul. As these lines are being written, an ODI game has also been played between two countries in which Australia finally got triumph. In the meantime Mitchell Starc also completed his hundred ODI wickets however he did that with style. In doing so Mitchell Starc took only 52 matches being the fastest to reach hundred ODI wickets. Before him the record was held by Saqlain Mushtaq who took hundred ODI wickets in exactly 53 games.

Most consecutive five wicket hauls Rangana Herath

Mitchell Starc’s heroics on its own place, it was Rangana Herath who spun the batting foundations of some of the biggest names in the world. The spin bowler took a total of 28 wickets in the series including two 10-wickets hauls. Although both Starc and Herath showed great resilience to help their sides, in record books they are far below the exceptional. Most consecutive five wickets hauls are reach up to six in continuity. And who took them, let’s find out.

Most consecutive five wicket hauls in Test history

Bowler 5wkt hauls Bowl. figures Team Opposition Date
CTB Turner 6 5/44, 5/86, 6/112, 5/36, 5/27, 7/43 Australia  England 10 Feb 1888 to

30 Aug 188

T Richardson 5 6/104, 6/39, 5/134, 7/168, 6/76 England Australia 1 Mar 1895 to

16 Jul 1896

AV Bedser 5 5/27, 5/41, 7/55, 7/44, 5/105 England  India 17 Jul 1952 to

25 Jun 1953

S Shillingford 5 6/49, 5/59, 5/34, 6/167, 5/179 West Indies Zimbabwe/


12 Mar 2013 to 14 Nov 2013
J Briggs 4 6/49, 6/87, 5/34, 5/114 England  Australia 24 Mar 1892 to 14 Aug 1893
SF Barnes 4 5/57, 5/48, 8/56, 9/103 England  South Africa 13 Dec 1913 to 26 Dec 1913
JC Laker 4 5/58, 6/55, 9/37, 10/53 England Australia 12 Jul 1956 to 26 Jul 1956

Most consecutive five wicket hauls in Test history

CTB Turner

T Richardson

AV Bedser

S Shillingford

J Briggs

SF Barnes

JC Laker

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