players with most Sixes in cricket history

Top 10 players with most Sixes in cricket history

Top 10 players with most Sixes in cricket history

Being a cricket lover who does not love sixes (unless you are not the bowler, of course)? That awesome feeling after hitting a bowler, with fielders glumly staring at the ball flying out of the ground, cannot be capped into words. The advent of shortest version of cricket – T20 has made it necessary for the batsmen to develop the ability to hit a maximum. Though cricket was already full of batsmen known as the hard hitters of the ball, T20 format has further lubricated their limbs making the bats go swinging much more frequently. Test cricket being regarded as the true gentlemen’s game a few years back, is no exception from the recently developed ‘up, up and away’ rule of the game.

Top 10 players with most Sixes in cricket history Shahid Afridi

Players with most sixes in cricket history does not necessarily need to be appearing in T20 format only. The latest era of the sport has developed some of the best cricket batsmen in the world ready to adopt and fit in every format of the game. In test matches they proved to be solid rocks making the bowlers sweat in creating a dismissal opportunity. On the other hand, when needed they do never hesitate to suddenly jump into the T20 mode even in a test match inning as well. Chris Gayle, Ab de Villiers and recently retired Kiwi skipper Brendon McCullum are the perfect examples of the complete batsmen in all formats of the game. And in fact these players are the ones with most sixes in cricket history across all formats.

Top 10 players with most Sixes in cricket history Chris Gayle

The top spot in most sixes in cricket list however is reserved for a batsman who often calls him a bowling all-rounder. The star Pakistan hard hitter Shahid Afridi holds the world record of hitting most number of sixes combined in all three formats of cricket. The aggressive nature batsman has lost his batting touch recently thus mainly focusing on his bowling. Moreover, he has given up the test format of the game appearing only in ODI and T20 formats. Shahid Afridi also held the record of fastest ODI hundred for almost 17 years before it was broken by Corey Anderson and more recently AB de Villiers. ‘Boom boom’ is followed by the Jamaican giant Chris Gayle who represents his country in all three formats and might possibly catch up Afridi’s record of most sixes in cricket career. While MS Dhoni and AB de Villiers are also two active players in the list with later having the more chances of getting himself promoted further in most sixes in cricket history list courtesy his innovation.

Top 10 players with most Sixes in cricket history (All three formats of Int. cricket)

Player Matches No. of sixes in Tests No. of sixes in ODIS No. of sixes in T20I Total sixes
Shahid Afridi 523 52 351 73 476
CH Gayle 422 98 238 98 434
BB McCullum 432 107 200 91 398
ST Jayasuriya 586 59 270 23 352
MS Dhoni 433 78 192 32 302
AB de Villiers 378 57 184 48 289
SR Tendulkar 664 69 195 0 264
AC Gilchrist 396 100 149 13 262
JH Kallis 519 97 137 20 254
SC Ganguly 424 57 190 0 247

Top 10 players with most Sixes in cricket history

  1. Shahid Afridi
  2. CH Gayle
  3. BB McCullum
  4. ST Jayasuriya
  5. MS Dhoni
  6. AB de Villiers
  7. SR Tendulkar
  8. AC Gilchrist
  9. JH Kallis
  10. SC Ganguly

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