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Top 10 players with most sixes in single ODI inning

Top 10 players with most sixes in single ODI inning

Hitting a six in a limited overs match is not a big deal now a day and even tail-enders do the job quite regularly. In fact these last wicket batsmen tend to hit big shots more fearlessly because they do not mind losing wicket in doing so. Hitting sixes might be easy however hitting them often requires perfection. Usually batsmen going for the big hits on regular basis lose their wickets very quickly. However batsmen with most sixes in single ODI match look for the opportunity to get the maximum runs. Instead of going for consecutive shots these players wait for the right delivery and does not hesitate to rotate the strike.

most sixes in single ODI inning AB de Villiers

No surprises, most sixes in single ODI inning are hit by batsmen with some of the highest individual scores in One Day Internationals. Players like Rohit Sharma and Chris Gayle come up with double centuries in ODI matches are also the ones with most sixes in single ODI game. However there is another player on top of the list as well who has done the miracle of hitting highest number of sixes in a single match by playing just over 40 balls. The phenomenal record belongs to none other than AB de Villiers, who in smashing the fastest ODI hundred took assistance from 16 maximums as well. Although he is striving to win any mega event for his national side, South African skipper has so many other records on his name. One of the most loved players in cricket AB de Villiers is equally adored by cricket fans all around the world and he has given sufficient reasons to be loved as much. Almost similar situation is with kiwi batsman Corey Anderson. In breaking Shahid Afridi’s fastest ODI ton, Corey did hit 14 sixes in 47 balls played.

most sixes in single ODI inning Shahid Afridi

Another player who is famous for his inexorable hitting habit is Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi. The hard hitting batsman cum leg break bowler holds the feat of hitting the most sixes in ODI career. However as for most sixes in single ODI are concerned, Shahid Afridi’s name comes much lower. The only reason for his lower ranking in most sixes in single ODI inning is his instable nature. Even after playing so many games for Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi lacks the temperament to stay on the crease and construct long innings. Had he not always in so much of haste, many cricket records would have been on his name, however still he gets his name in some of the finest six hitters. The full list of player with maximum number of maximums in a single ODI game is as under.

Top 10 players with most sixes in single ODI inning

Player Runs Balls Fours Sixes Opposition
AB de Villiers 149 44 9 16 West Indies
RG Sharma 209 158 12 16 Australia
CH Gayle 215 147 10 16 Zimbabwe
SR Watson 185* 96 15 15 Bangladesh
CJ Anderson 131* 47 6 14 West Indies
XM Marshall 157* 118 11 12 Canada
ST Jayasuriya 134 65 11 11 Pakistan
Shahid Afridi 102 40 6 11 Sri Lanka
D Ramdin 169 121 8 11 Bangladesh
MJ Guptill 237* 163 24 11 West Indies

Top 10 players with most sixes in single ODI inning

  1. AB de Villiers
  2. RG Sharma
  3. CH Gayle
  4. SR Watson
  5. CJ Anderson
  6. XM Marshall
  7. ST Jayasuriya
  8. Shahid Afridi
  9. D Ramdin
  10. MJ Guptill

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