Top 10 most successful captains in T20 Internationals

most successful captains in T20 Shahid Afridi

Top 10 most successful captains in T20 Internationals

The level of a player’s individual performance usually depends on his own self. As in-form player always gets the maximum consideration from his teammates as well as fans around the world. However in case of any droughty spell as well, there are many options to recover to the best playing form. Hard work in nets as well as upturn in the concentration always brings positive outcomes. What is much more difficult in cricket is to bear the burden of a whole playing eleven. The responsibility is done by the team captains with the help of whole squad. Most successful captains in the world might not be the best in their respective fields however in order to sail the whole side’s ship they are necessary required to carry extraordinary leading skills. Team captaincy is a huge responsibility and only a few in a side possess the right abilities to justify it.

most successful captains in T20 MS Dhoni

Often noticed, even some of the best batsmen or in rare situations great bowlers start trembling when put under the captaincy test. It has been rightly said that leadership is an inborn attribute however with time and practice the skill can be adopted as well. Being one of the most successful captains in cricket is not an easy job and it often proves to be dicey for a player’s focus gets diverted from his individual performance to the betterment of a whole group. Leading a side in the shortest version of cricket is even more testing. With only 20 overs on the stake to decide the outcome of a game, a T20 skipper needs to be extremely decisive, with sharp responses and adoptability.

most successful captains in T20

Most successful captains in T20I feat belongs to Indian limited overs skipper MS Dhoni. The captain cool, for his calm attitude on the field, has won the most number of T20 games so far. Though his win percentage is not the highest one, advantage of leading Indian team for a prolonged period favors him. The captain incredible is then trailed by an unexpected entry in the list – the former Irish captain William Porterfield. His side might not be a great opponent in ODIs however in T20 internationals they keep a good reputation. The current captain of Ireland side holds the record of winning 24 T20 matches out of the 48 he has led as skipper. On third position sits the West Indian T20 captain Darren Sammy. The double world cup holder has emerged as the most energetic leader in the world leading his side to 2 world cup trophies. The statistical saga of Darren Sammy and the rest of 10 most successful T20 captains lies as under;

Top 10 most successful captains in T20 Internationals

Player Span Matches Won Lost Tied NR Win %age
MS Dhoni (India) 2007-2016 67 39 26 1 1 59.84
WTS Porterfield (Ire) 2008-2016 48 24 20 0 4 54.54
DJG Sammy (WI) 2011-2016 47 27 17 1 2 61.11
Shahid Afridi (Pak) 2009-2016 43 19 23 1 0 45.34
PW Borren (Neth) 2010-2016 34 20 13 0 1 60.60
F du Plessis (SA) 2012-2016 31 18 13 0 0 58.06
PD Collingwood (Eng) 2007-2011 30 17 11 0 2 60.71
Mohammad Hafeez (Pak) 2012-2014 29 17 11 1 0 60.34
GJ Bailey (Aus) 2012-2014 28 14 13 1 0 51.78
BB McCullum (NZ) 2008-2015 28 13 14 0 1 48.14

Top 10 most successful captains in T20 Internationals

MS Dhoni (India)

WTS Porterfield (Ire)

DJG Sammy (WI)

Shahid Afridi (Pak)

PW Borren (Neth)

F du Plessis (SA)

PD Collingwood (Eng)

Mohammad Hafeez (Pak)

GJ Bailey (Aus)

BB McCullum (NZ)

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