The slowest Hundreds in test cricket history Mudassar Nazar

The slowest Hundreds in test cricket history

The slowest Hundreds in test cricket history

There is a great hype for the fastest hundreds in cricket. Players hitting some of the fastest centuries get immensely huge respect from the fans in no time. And if that fastest ton comes up in a test match inning, the praise gets even flashier.  Test cricket is usually meant to be a slow and steady format of game.  Batsmen consuming a lot of deliveries to get adjusted to the pitch conditions and then carry out a solid start of their inning. It’s been said that slow and steady wins the race. Looking at some of the slowest hundreds in test match history it appears that some batsmen took the phrase to their heart. Though winning is not a guarantee in all cases, these however managed to score the slowest hundreds in test history.

The slowest Hundreds in test cricket B McCullum

Slowest hundreds in test matches history might seem an unasked for feat but believe me this is not the case always. Often these turtle-paced innings serve a side not some of the fastest ton could have done. At times there are needed some players who could pass the time by just strolling the ball without getting dismissed. In test cricket especially where matches conclude basing on the time period, slowest innings come very handy. And in the process if a batsman can get up to his hundred what could be better than that. The slowest hundreds scorers are not a curse but often the saviors in test matches.

The slowest Hundreds in test cricket

While the fastest test century is a much celebrated phenomenon slowest test tons are certainly less regarded. In fact the fastest test century got highlighted many folds after an unexpected personal achieved the feat a few years back. It was Pakistan test skipper Misbah Ul Haq who broke the world record of fastest test century. Later on the former New Zealand hard hitter Brendon McCullum took the feat with him in his last test match. The point is that unlike fastest test hundreds nobody wants to talk about the slowest ones. Even though they possess great importance at times.

The former Pakistani batsman Mudassar Nazar holds the record of test century with most minutes spent on the crease. While the number of deliveries played by him are not in the record, he spent 557 minutes to get his hundred against England in 1977. The slowest hundreds in test cricket history (by minutes) are as follows.

The slowest Hundreds in test cricket history

Minutes Batsman Match Location Year
557 Mudassar Nazar Pakistan v England Lahore 1977-78
545 DJ McGlew South Africa v Australia Durban 1957-58
535 AP Gurusinha Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe Harare 1994-95
516 JJ Crowe New Zealand v Sri Lanka Colombo (CCC) 1986-87
500 SV Manjrekar India v Zimbabwe Harare 1992-93
488 PE Richardson England v South Africa Johannesburg 1956-57

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