Youngest century scorers Shahid Afridi

Top 10 Youngest century scorers in One Day Internationals

Top 10 Youngest century scorers in One Day Internationals

Star Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi might be on the verge of retirement from all formats of the game. The veteran Pakistani has been struggling with his batting form for quite time now and as it looks he will be dropped from the T20 side as well – the only format he currently plays for Pakistan. The hard hitting batsman’s batting has always suited the shortest format of cricket however in more recent times he has been playing as a bowling all-rounder after missing out his batting flow.

At present he might be near to lose his place from the Pakistan national side but the time has never been the same for him. At his peak and still at times when Afridi gets going there is no stopping for him. Afridi made his intentions clear from very first innings he played as he sits right on top of youngest century scorers list.

Youngest century scorers Afridi

Looking at the heroics Shahid Afridi has been doing all his career, the statement that there will be no other Afridi seems quite legit. At the age of just 16 years and 217 days, Shahid Afridi stepped in the field for his first ever ODI innings and the rest is history. It was back in 1996 – the 6th match of KCA Centenary Tournament against Sri Lanka when the young Pathan wrote history. Afridi went on to score a century on his debut batting innings however it was not an ordinary hundred as he did it just in 37 balls. The youngest century scorers with the fastest hundred in One Day International – admit it this could not have gone any better in cricket history.

Youngest century scorers Imran Nazir

The youngest century scorers list is in fact full of players from Pakistan. Saleem Elahi, Shoaib Malik, Ahmed Shahzad, Umar Akmal all come in top of the list with rest of the players also from Afghanistan and Bangladesh. In fact there is no other player apart from these three countries in the top 10 of youngest century scorers list. Hard to believe? See for yourself.

Top 10 Youngest century scorers in One Day Internationals

Player Age Runs Team Opposition Ground Match Date
Shahid Afridi 16y 217d 102 Pakistan v Sri Lanka Nairobi (Gym) 4 Oct 1996
Usman Ghani 17y 242d 118 Afghanistan v Zimbabwe Bulawayo 20 Jul 2014
Imran Nazir 18y 121d 105* Pakistan v Zimbabwe St George’s 15 Apr 2000
Saleem Elahi 18y 312d 102* Pakistan v Sri Lanka Gujranwala 29 Sep 1995
Tamim Iqbal 19y 2d 129 Bangladesh v Ireland Dhaka 22 Mar2008
Ahmed Shehzad 19y 72d 115 Pakistan v New Zealand Hamilton 3 Feb 2011
Umar Akmal 19y 73d 102* Pakistan v Sri Lanka Colombo (RPS) 7 Aug 2009
Shakib Al Hasan 19y 341d 134* Bangladesh v Canada St John’s 28 Feb 2007
Anamul Haque 19y 352d 120 Bangladesh v West Indies Khulna 2 Dec 2012
Nasir Hossain 20y 3d 100 Bangladesh v Pakistan Dhaka 3 Dec 2011

Top 10 Youngest century scorers in One Day Internationals

Shahid Afridi

Usman Ghani

Imran Nazir

Saleem Elahi

Tamim Iqbal

Ahmed Shehzad

Umar Akmal

Shakib Al Hasan

Anamul Haque

Nasir Hossain

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