first ball wicket in ODI career Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Cricket players with a first ball wicket in ODI career

Cricket players with a first ball wicket in ODI career

Cricket players whether batsmen or the bowlers usually take enough time to make their International debut. Generally the players being selected into the national sides are those having appeared in lower age groups sides as well. Playing at U-19 or U-16 level not only sharpens a future star’s talent but also make him able to absorb the pressure. And when it comes to the day they represent the top level side of their respective countries, they still feel nervous. Usually it takes two to three matches for a new-comer to get used to the pressure. The nervousness International cricket arena offers is not easy to absorb. However there are a few exceptionally talented players groomed from the grass root level that offer no languor when it comes to International debut.

first ball wicket in ODI career B Kumar

Being a batsman these players show great temperament from early on as well as the right style of play. While in bowling department they impress the whole world with their impressive line and length.  Although players with a first ball wicket are not necessarily meant to be the great bowlers but the feat is quite unique in itself and often they are considered beautifully skilled bowlers. Overcoming the nervousness of an International game and then getting a batsman out on the very first ball deserves to be praised no matter how ordinary a bowler gets in the end.

first ball wicket in ODI career

As a matter of fact when a cricket bowler makes his international debut, playing him in initial matches does not get easier. Contingent he has a reasonable bowling talent, a fresh bowler always makes a good impression in his early few matches troubling the batsmen with his unique line and length. So bowlers with a first ball wicket cannot be given much credit. At present there are more than 20 bowlers with wicket on their first ever ball of the ODI career. Let’s have a look.

Cricket players with a first ball wicket in ODI career

Player Match Venue Year
GG Arnold England v Australia Manchester 1972
CH Lloyd West Indies v England Oval 1973
Shahid Mahboob Pakistan v India Lahore 1982/83
SA Thomson New Zealand v India Dunedin 1989/90
Inzamam-ul-Haq Pakistan v West Indies Faisalabad 1991/92
EZ Matambanadzo Zimbabwe v Pakistan Peshawar 1996/97
S Ramesh India v West Indies Singapore 1999/2000
WW Hinds West Indies v India Singapore 1999/2000
JS Ababu Kenya v Zimbabwe Nairobi 1999/2000
TCB Fernando Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe Sharjah 2001/02
M van Jaarsveld South Africa v Bangladesh Kimberley 2002/03
M Zondeki South Africa v Sri Lanka Bloemfontein 2002/03
KS Lokuarachchi Sri Lanka v Kenya Sharjah 2002/03
R Clarke England v Pakistan Manchester 2003
FH Edwards West Indies v Zimbabwe Harare 2003/04
KJ O’Brien Ireland v England Belfast 2006
E Otieno Kenya v Canada Nairobi (Gym) 2007
MTT Mirando Sri Lanka v West Indies St Lucia 2007/08
PA Desai Canada v West Indies Jamaica 2009/10
B Kumar India v Pakistan Chennai 2012/13
K Kamyuka Canada v Netherlands King City (NW) 2013
AW Mathieson New Zealand v England Chester le Street 2015

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