Top 10 T20 International matches with highest number of ducks


Top 10 T20 International matches with highest number of ducks

T20 format of the game is well-known for the number of records getting broken and resettled on daily basis. The fastest version of cricket does not seem to have any stoppage time to give respect to a particular cricket record. Thus most of the T20 records have already reached to a point where amending them is fairly difficult. When speaking of T20 International matches, the first thing that comes in mind is pure hard hitting. The main reason T20I records are mostly concerned with batting or number of runs is pretty obvious. A tailor-made format that favors batsmen hugely as compared to the bowlers would certainly produce batting records.


However on a particular day even such records get created in T20s which are somehow hard to believe. Take for example the record of highest number of ducks in T20I. The highest number of batsmen getting out on a duck in T20I is 8. The game was played between West Indies and Zimbabwe 6 years ago. A low scoring contest that saw West Indian batting lineup busted on a mere 79, featured a total of 8 players getting back without a single run. Zimbabwe recorded the triumph with 26 runs despite setting a fairly chase-able total of 106 runs. The current T20 world champions however were not as good back then as they are now. A side full of best all-rounders can beat any world class team at the moment.


Highest number of ducks in a T20 I game seems strange mostly because T20 format is often personified with batting at good pace. Not to forget that sometimes the same urgency creates hurricanes even in the strongest batting lineups. The trend to go for the big hits to gather maximum number of runs in the least balls played could easily let you commit a mistake and lose your wicket. Also the type of soil on which the match is being played plays a huge role in deciding the total. Top 10 T20 international matches with highest number of ducks in history are as under.

Top 10 T20 International matches with highest number of ducks

Team 1 Team 2 Ducks Winner Ground Match Date
West Indies Zimbabwe 8 Zimbabwe Port of Spain 28 Feb 2010
Kenya New Zealand 6 New Zealand Durban 12 Sep 2007
Hong Kong Nepal 6 Nepal Chittagong 16 Mar 2014
Bangladesh Hong Kong 6 Hong Kong Chittagong 20 Mar 2014
Ireland Kenya 5 Ireland Belfast 4 Aug 2008
Canada Sri Lanka 5 Sri Lanka King City (NW) 12 Oct 2008
Sri Lanka West Indies 5 Sri Lanka The Oval 19 Jun 2009
Ireland Scotland 5 Ireland Dubai (DSC) 11 Feb 2010
Australia Pakistan 5 Pakistan Birmingham 6 Jul 2010
New Zealand Pakistan 5 Pakistan Christchurch 30 Dec 2010

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