10 Amazing Pakistan cricket team facts You can be proud of


10 Amazing Pakistan cricket team facts You can be proud of

Blame them, curse them, criticize them to the utmost level you can go but when they do perform the whole world salutes them. Welcome to the most unpredictable cricket team in the world – Pakistan cricket team.  The side that got its Test status on 28 July 1952 has seen many highs and lows during its cricketing span. From winning the 1992 World Cup against the heart-favorites England to downgrade unto the 9th place in 2016, Pakistan cricket team has been the most capricious one. Political engrossment, meritless selections, controversies and scandals have always followed the side still they have got a reputation in the world that is rare to see. Pakistan cricket team facts from its past clearly indicate that the side has always climbed from the point nobody even thought of.

The team is currently hiccupping on its way to the 2019 ODI world cup. On the other hand despite not having played a single Test match within Pakistan they are the reigning no. 1 Test team in the world. Isn’t it astonishing that at one end they are the world best side while on the other they are about to lose their direct qualification in World Cup? Well amaze no more because that’s what the unpredictability is all about. Not just today, Pakistan cricket team has been the same throughout the history. However the good news about being the unpredictable side is that it does not have only pitfalls. The same fact of the hot-bloodedness has given the side some real highs as well. Winning and losing is certainly the part of the game. Similarly good and worse periods stem over all the teams in the world.

The real thing is how the fallen crews rise up again and how much their loyal supporters upkeep them in these hard times. At present Pakistan cricket team, especially in limited overs format, might be a failure but that is only the initial step of success. All we have to do is to have patience and support them. Some of the amazing Pakistan cricket team facts that can certainly cheer you up being a Pak cricket fan are as under.

10 Amazing Pakistan cricket team facts You can be proud of

10. Impressive Win/loss percentage


Pakistan cricket team has the third best win percentage in Test format. The side that got approved for the Test format an International level back in 1952 has seen many ups and downs. However there overall record has been great as compared to many other resourceful sides. The side currently holds a win/loss ratio of 1.3 in Test format. While their overall win percentage is also the fifth best in the world. For a side with so many challenges throughout the career, maintaining such winning ratio is quite impressive I guess.

09. Best T20 side in the world


Pakistan has one of the best test cricket batting line up in the world. Their recent tour of England where they leveled the series after winning two matches is a clear cut proof of the side’s resilience and solidity in slow formats. However their progress in the shortest format of the game, T20, is quite astonishing as well. While the side’s ODI show is sinking, maintaining a good repute in both contrasting formats Test and T20I is amazing. Another of the Pakistan cricket team facts that the side has played the highest number of T20 international matches in the world. The 2009 world champions have performed very well on various occasions in Twenty 20 format. Loaded with some of the greatest fast bowlers equally backed up by spinners Pakistan cricket team has been relying on its bowling attack rather than following the mainstream approach.

08. King of swing for a reason

pakistan cricket team facts-wasim-akram

As referred earlier the side has been loaded with the best fast bowlers in the world. No matter how worse their batting has turned into, Pakistan’s bowling attack always impresses. The originators of the various types of modern day swing bowling enjoyed pure domination in fast bowling department on constant basis. Of many legendary fast bowlers Wasim Akram was the all-time greatest. The best left arm pacer cricket history has ever witnessed holds the record of two hat-tricks in both ODI and Test formats. One of the leading test wicket takers is known as the king of swing and for all the right reasons.

07. Hanif Mohammad’s resilience

pakistan cricket team facts-hanif-mohammad

Another one of many amazing Pakistan cricket team facts of which every Pakistani can feel proud is the world record of longest test innings by minutes. One of the best veteran run-getter in cricket history originating from Pakistan Hanif Mohammad holds the record of playing for most number of minutes on the crease. The late batsman played for a still record 970 minute scoring 337* against West Indies.

06. Inzamam ul Haq’s very first ball in International cricket

pakistan cricket team facts-inzamam-ul-haq

Inzamam ul Haq the current chief selector for Pakistan holds one of the rarest cricket records. Although the former batsman has a huge reputation of being one of the best batsman in the world. The world knows him as one of the finest leader and middle order batsman scoring at an average of almost 50 and 40 in tests and ODIs respectively. However a very few of fans know that he took a wicket on very first ball in cricket. Apparently one of the heaviest cricketers to have played the game, Inzamam was never a good athlete. His frequent run outs throughout the career are evidence of his slothful nature. However in his early days in cricket he used to bowl as well.

05. When Shahid Afridi set the stage on fire

pakistan cricket team facts-shahid-afridi

A proud moment of which every Pakistani cricket lover can boast of was provided by Shahid Afridi. A star player who despite having failed on 8 out of 10 times never got forgotten by his fans. The reason Shahid Afridi is that much loved by his fans lies in his boldness as well as earlier performances. Claiming to be a bowling all-rounder now a day, Shahid Afridi always played in his unique hard hitting style. One of the best all-rounders of his time is currently out of Pakistan squad. However throughout his career he has played the best aggressive styled cricket.

Especially his record 37 ball hundred a then world record fastest hundred. Surprisingly it was Shahid Afridi’s first ever inning in International cricket. He had played a match before that but never batted. Making a prominent cricket record that lasted almost 20 years on his very first batting turn in ODI with a borrowed bat. That’s Shahid Afridi for you.


04. Wasim Akram has a higher Individual score than Sachin in Tests

pakistan cricket team facts-wasim-and-sachin

Frowns after seeing this one of the Pakistan cricket team records? Relax. No we are not saying Wasim Akram was a bigger batsman than the phenomenal Sachin Tendulkar. But a cricket record is still a record. And while our arch rivals boast of the 100 hundreds why should we be leaving behind? The Pakistani swing master was a handy batsman as well as a destructive pacer. Many of his batting innings benefited Pakistan cricket team greatly. And as for the stats, Sachin Tendulkar’s highest test total is 248* while Wasim made 257 vs Zimbabwe. No disrespect to the great Sachin but Wasim won by 9 runs. (Tongue smiley)

03. Saeed Anwar’s 194 against India

pakistan cricket team facts-saeed-anwar

Pakistan cricket team records that too against India? nothing can go any better than this. India vs Pakistan games are always real nerve breaking. The pressure of facing the arch rivals where game seems a war can easily crush a player’s nerves making him almost lose his senses. One of the best rivalries in cricket seems to get intensified in positive ways as the time passes. Players from both sides try to be the x-factor whenever these two side meet. And why not, the glory of performing against the bitter rivals is eternal. While the young ones are trying to be the difference-makers in India vs Pakistan games, Saeed Anwar has done it year ago. One of the best opening batsmen Pakistan ever had, was exceptionally brilliant in games against India.

And who can forget his innings of 194 runs against the same side. Saeed Anwar’s 194 against India were the highest individual total in ODIs at that time. A record that remained unbeaten for so many years. Moreover these runs were scored during a period when nobody would have even though of scoring that high in limited overs cricket.

02. Fast, faster, fastest

pakistan cricket team facts-shoaib-akhter

There are many fast bowlers in the world, some of them really impressive ones and there is Shaoib Akhter. The speed star that made the name of a city in Pakistan a trade mark courtesy his vicious pace can certainly be proud of his achievement. The world record holder for the fastest delivery ever bowled in cricket Shoaib Akhter is bold enough both in his words and deeds for this world. While many boast of having the most accurate fast bowlers, is there anyone of Shoaib Akhter’s pace? Say it loud on this one of the amazing Pakistan cricket team facts.

01. No home matches, no problem

pakistan cricket team facts-test-team

At no. 1 spot of our Pakistan cricket team facts list, we have the record that made us all proud. International cricket literally terminated from Pakistan after one of the visiting sides were attacked by terrorists in 2009. Sri Lanka were the victim of coward terrorists attack in Lahore back in 2009. The curse of terrorism that has ruining the whole country’s structure did not left even the grounds of cricket. All cricket teams refused to visit the country after the saddest incident in cricket history, leaving Pakistan with no options but to play their home series in UAE. The situation is still not as pleasing as no team has visited Pakistan in last six years except Zimbabwe. Pakistan cricket team has not played a single test match at home soil since 2009.

Still they have climbed up to become the no. 1 test team in the world. After India lost points for drawing against West Indies, the side currently sits on top of the ICC test team rankings. A feat that seemed impossible after what happened in 2009 considering the home advantage teams take from the home tours.

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