Bowlers with most balls bowled Murlitharan

Top 10 Bowlers with most balls bowled in cricket career

Top 10 Bowlers with most balls bowled in cricket career

Pretty ordinary record in terms of its importance, most balls bowled in cricket is. Obviously when you join a side being a bowler you have to do your job the whole career, no matter how many balls you deliver. However a cricket record it is and we have to take it as it is. As a matter of fact most balls bowled in cricket depicts the significance of a bowler in aside as well. Generally only that bowler gets to bowl the most number of overs in a side that is the most useful. So bowlers with the highest number of balls delivered during their career span inevitably get the reputation of being the best bowler in the side. And varying from situation to situation they often get the chances of bowling at the most crucial times.

Bowlers with most balls bowled Muttiah

Most number of balls bowled and the number of wickets taken are directly proportioned to each other. The more a bowler get to bowl the more are the chances of taking wickets. The reason we see the bowlers with most balls bowled being the highest wicket takers is simply because of the same fact. Furthermore, spin bowlers have considerably long careers as compared to the pacers. All the energy and hard work that is the essence of fast bowling is needed by the spinners in a very low amount. On the other hand their effectiveness is really higher especially in home conditions where pitches are specifically being designed for them.

Bowlers with most balls bowled Anil Kumble

Sri Lankan legend Muttiah Murlitharan is currently the bowler with most balls bowled in history. The spin-sensation is also the leading wicket taker in test cricket with 800 wickets. The reason he has been able to get so much of wickets is that he got to bowl so many balls. And of course there is no doubt of him being exceptionally skillful. The list is followed by more spinners including Shane Warne, Anil Kumble and Daniel Vettori. Check out for yourself.

Top 10 Bowlers with most balls bowled in cricket career

Player Span Mat Balls Runs Wkts
M Muralitharan (Asia/ICC/SL) 1992-2011 495 63132 30803 1347
A Kumble (Asia/India) 1990-2008 403 55346 28767 956
SK Warne (Aus/ICC) 1992-2007 339 51347 25536 1001
DL Vettori (ICC/NZ) 1997-2015 442 43661 22863 705
GD McGrath (Aus/ICC) 1993-2007 376 42266 20656 949
Harbhajan Singh (Asia/India) 1998-2016 367 41671 23143 711
CA Walsh (WI) 1984-2001 337 40841 19606 746
Wasim Akram (Pak) 1984-2003 460 40813 21591 916
SM Pollock (Afr/ICC/SA) 1995-2008 423 40308 19673 829
WPUJC Vaas (Asia/SL) 1994-2009 439 39345 21643 761

Top 10 Bowlers with most balls bowled in cricket career

  1. M Muralitharan
  2. A Kumble
  3. SK Warne
  4. DL Vettori
  5. GD McGrath
  6. Harbhajan Singh
  7. CA Walsh
  8. Wasim Akram
  9. SM Pollock
  10. WPUJC Vaas

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