shortest Test matches in history of cricket

Top 20 shortest Test matches in cricket history

Top 20 shortest Test matches in cricket history

Let shortest test matches apart, shortest format of the game i.e. T20 is well known for its hasty nature. The modern day speedy game generates outputs in the shortest time possible. One of the main reasons for T20 format to be most popular among fans is its rapidity. People of the present era are out of time for activities like watching a whole day cricket game. With so much shortage of time these cricket lovers opt to go for the maximum amusement in the shortest possible time. And T20 cricket is the only remedy for their chaotic lifestyles. Although this is not the case all over the world. True cricket fans still enjoy hours of action going on between the best cricket teams. Even five day cricket games prove to be the most crowded sports events at times.

shortest Test matches in cricket history

Test matches being the classiest version of game haven’t lost their charm despite the introduction of glitzy T20 format. As a matter of fact some test series grab much more crowd than a T20 format event. A jam-packed Ashes series between Australia and England is a glaring example of test cricket envy. And as for the duration of test matches, history has witnessed some of the shortest test matches. Sounds crazy because T20 games can be expected to be shortest considering its hurried nature but what is wrong with test cricket. A match destined to go through five days gets concluded on the very second day. The answer, we are living in a world where anything can happen now. A t20 match calculating over 450 runs and a test match getting done on day two, with a winner of course.

shortest Test matches ever

Usually test matches are spread over five days’ duration. A team has to play two innings with each day consisting of six hours of action or 90 overs bowled. Of course there are some exceptions in given situations as well. However the ordinary course of the game follows the same routine. So what about the shortest test matches? Actually these games were played out on some of the best cricket stadiums (for bowlers of course) who got rid of the opposition on day two eventually. No wonders these miracles are no more frequent now days. Most of these games coming to a finish on day two were played out between England and Australia, that too during late 1880s. Only on a few occasions a team has lost on day 2 in a test game after 2000.

The latest of the shortest test matches was recorded in 2005. New Zealand beat Zimbabwe on day 2 of the game played out at Harare. The other similar games detail is as under.

Top 20 shortest Test matches in cricket history (By days)

Team 1 Team 2 Duration (days) Winner Venue Date
England Australia 2 Australia The Oval 28 Aug 1882
England Australia 2 Australia Lord’s 16 Jul 1888
England Australia 2 England The Oval 13 Aug 1888
England Australia 2 England Manchester 30 Aug 1888
South Africa England 2 England Port Elizabeth 12 Mar 1889
South Africa England 2 England Cape Town 25 Mar 1889
England Australia 2 England The Oval 11 Aug 1890
South Africa England 2 England Port Elizabeth 13 Feb 1896
South Africa England 2 England Cape Town 21 Mar 1896
Australia South Africa 2 Australia Manchester 27 May 1912
England South Africa 2 England The Oval 12 Aug 1912
England Australia 2 Australia Nottingham 28 May 1921
Australia West Indies 2 Australia Melbourne 13 Feb 1931
South Africa Australia 2 Australia Johannesburg 15 Feb 1936
New Zealand Australia 2 Australia Wellington 29 Mar 1946
England West Indies 2 England Leeds 17 Aug 2000
Australia Pakistan 2 Australia Sharjah 11 Oct 2002
South Africa Zimbabwe 2 South Africa Cape Town 4 Mar 2005
Zimbabwe New Zealand 2 New Zealand Harare 7 Aug 2005

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