Neymar Slammed by Rivelino After Brazil’s Exit from Copa

Neymar Slammed by Rivelino After Brazil’s Exit from Copa

Former Brazil international Rivelino has criticised Brazil captain Neymar. He has also rued the lifestyle and attitude of the Barcelona player.

Neymar Slammed by Rivelino After Brazil’s Exit from Copa

Neymar Slammed
Neymar has been criticized harshly

After the team’s exit from the Copa America Centenario, Neymar reacted angrily to criticism of the efforts of the team. He posted on his Instagram there is a “whole lot of people talking s–t,“. He later apologised for the comments.

Rivelino spoke about the Barcelona man. Neymar did not participate in the Copa. It was because he was with a view to being sharp for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Rivelino did not hold back, labeling him an “idiot”.

Neymar is a figure that’s never been shy in flaunting his flamboyant lifestyle. While Brazil’s exit from the tournament came following a 1-0 defeat to Peru, the forward admitted of enjoying a party with models.

Earlier this month, the 24-year-old was enjoying a night out in New York. He also showed himself hitting some nightspots in London back in April.

Rivelino is not the only former Brazil star to criticize Neymar either. Selecao icon Pele accused the forward of not being a team player last year. After Neymar retired from Colombia at last summer’s Copa, Ronaldo also had some harsh words for the star.

He is the captain of the national team. Neymar will feel strongly about what goes on when Brazil take to the field. So it’s understandable that he’s become a little frustrated from just watching matches.

Neymar Slammed
Rivelino wants Neymar to set better examples

It’s a frustration many Brazilians want to see him shine at the Olympics. Neymar will return to action fit as a result of his recent time off. Then they’ll have a valid chance of winning the gold medal on home soil.


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