Top Batsmen with most consecutive hundreds in Career

Top Batsmen with most consecutive hundreds in Career

Scoring a hundred in cricket certainly is a big deal however keeping the consistency is even hard. Even the greatest of all when it comes to scoring hundred Sachin Tendulkar has been struggling at times to make a century. The former Indian opener holds the record of most hundreds in cricket. Off his 25 years’ longest cricket career Sachin Tendulkar scored a total of hundred cricket centuries. However we all know the struggle he had while going for his record 100th ton. Consistency and that too up to the level of perfection is almost impossible in cricket. Still there are some exceptionally skilled players who carried out their good from for scoring most consecutive hundreds.

Batsmen with most consecutive hundreds Don Bradman

Legendary Australian batsman Don Bradman holds the record of most consecutive hundreds in his cricket career. Starting from 1st January 1937 the legendry batter scored a total of six consecutive centuries in the coming games. However it is to be noted that his centuries did not come in consecutive innings. As at that time only test format was the preferred style of sport, Don Bradman scored a hundred in at least one innings of a gem for six consecutive matches. Another name that almost reached the grand performance of Bradman is of Zaheer Abbas. The Pakistani player has scored five centuries, the second most consecutive hundreds in history. The reason he is being known called the ‘Asian Bradman’. More interestingly Zaheer Abbas did the incredible job against the bitter rival India.

Batsmen with most consecutive hundreds Jacques Kallis

At third place in most consecutive hundreds list we have a more recent performer. One of the most complete all-rounder Jacques Kallis will always be remembered for his all-round services in cricket world. What else would surely be remembered is the number of consecutive centuries he scored against West Indies in 2003-04.

Top Batsmen with most consecutive hundreds in Career

Player Matches Opposition Year
DG Bradman 6 England 1937
Zaheer Abbas 5 India 1982
Jacques Kallis 5 West Indies 2003-04
DG Bradman 4 England 1929
DG Bradman 4 South Africa 1931
JHW Fingleton 4 South Africa /England 1936
ED Weekes 4 England/India 1948

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