Father Son cricketers duet Geoff Marsh and Shaun Marsh

20 Father Son cricketers duet in ODI history

20 Father Son cricketers duet in ODI history

Cricket is not a hereditary sport at all. Anyone having the right access to sport conveniences can master the skills after some hard work. Dedication and practice are the keys to success in any field of life regardless of the origin of a person. However that does not preclude players born in cricketing families to pursue their forefather’s occupation. In fact people with a professional player already in the family grow up to become much successful cricketers. The inborn cricketing talent helps these father son cricketers to shape up their skills perfectly. Cricket history is filled with the father son cricketers, in fact not just father-son, there are many other cricket relatives as well. The legacy carried by the ancestors goes from one generation to another raising some of the best cricket talents in the world.

father son cricketers

Speaking of the cricket relatives, Sri Lanka and Kenya cricket teams hold the unique record of having four brother played in. Nishantha, Sanjeeva, Dhammika and Arjuna Ranatunga all four braother represented Sri Lankan cricket team. Similarly in Kenya, LN Onyango, N Odhiambo, JO Ngoche and SO Ngoche all played for the national side. On the other hand father son cricketers is not an infrequency as well. In pas as well as at present there are many star players coming from the well-known cricket families. Australian brother duo Shaun Marsh and Mitchell Marsh are a glaring example of such inherent legacy. The father of both stars Geoff Marsh has also been a cricket player. One of the best opening batsman for Australia, Geoff Marsh went on to coach Australian team as well, winning 1999 world cup with them. A perfect batsman and coach trained both of his sons to grow up as brilliant all-round cricketers.

Father Son cricketers duet Yograj and Yuvraj

Another cricket player, one of the fastest bowler in fact, Stuart Broad also belongs to a renowned cricket family. The English pacer is the son of former England opening batsman and current ICC umpire Chris Broad. The father son cricketers duo has been vital for English side in many campaigns. Speaking of Stuart Broad, Yuvraj Singh automatically comes in mind. And guess what the Indian batsman who hit six sixes in a single Broad over is also the son of a famous cricketer. His father Yograj Singh has represented India in a few test and ODI games.

20 Father Son cricketers duet in ODI history

Father Son Team
Trevor Laughlin Ben Laughlin Australia
Geoff Marsh Shaun Marsh Australia
Geoff Marsh Mitchell Marsh Australia
Chris Broad Stuart Broad England
Colin Cowdrey Chris Cowdrey England
David Lloyd Graham Lloyd England
Don Pringle Derek Pringle England
David Bairstow Jonny Bairstow England
Peter Willey David Willey England
Roger Binny Stuart Binny India
Sunil Gavaskar Rohan Gavaskar India
Yograj Singh Yuvraj Singh India
Lance Cairns Chris Cairns New Zealand
Brendon Bracewell Doug Bracewell New Zealand
Rod Latham Tom Latham New Zealand
Ken Rutherford Hamish Rutherford New Zealand
Majid Khan Bazid Khan Pakistan
George Headley Ron Headley England
Ron Headley Dean Headley England
Malcolm Jarvis Kyle Jarvis Zimbabwe
Andy Waller Malcolm Waller Zimbabwe

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