Sergio Ramos & Cristiano Ronaldo - Wild Ones [Video]

Sergio Ramos & Cristiano Ronaldo – Wild Ones [Video]

Sergio Ramos & Cristiano Ronaldo – Wild Ones [Video]

Being a part of the Real Madrid side is not an easy job, you have to take all the responsibility and criticism for you are the best in the world now. I mean one cannot simply score 10 goals in a single match and get booed unless it is a Real Madrid person. Real Madrid’s last game against Rayo might be historic in terms of winning margin however it reminded us all that being at the top club makes you so much exposed to the blame. Cristiano Ronaldo has been bearing the same throughout his career and now may be its fate of Rafa Benitez. The Real Madrid manager was booed by the impatient home crowed in their last game after the side suddenly went 1-2 down to Rayo. Although the end result of the match was historically in favor of the Whites, fans could not hold on earlier and even Cristiano Ronaldo had to step up to cool them down.

This is not the first time the home crowd flaked the team and manager after their poor performance in El Clasico. The Real Madrid squad however is united after that and Cristiano Ronaldo was quite displeased by fans’ reaction last night. Meanwhile Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has also supported Cristiano Ronaldo for his stance at the angry fans’ stand at Santiago Bernabeu, believing that fans should back the team in such critical situations.

“When the team most needed their support, they booed us. It’s at moments like this that we would have appreciated their backing, to spur us on to try to get back into the game,” he said.

“When you’re losing 2-1 against Rayo, and with the greatest of respect, it’s to be expected that the Santiago Bernabéu will get on your back. There are people out there who will say that with 11 men, they would have gone on to win the game, but I’m going to stick my neck out and say that we still would have won the game”.

“In exactly the same way as the crowd are free to cheer or boo us, the players are also free to have an opinion and show feelings. Cristiano Ronaldo is always honest and shows what he feels.” Concluded the skipper.

Sergio Ramos & Cristiano Ronaldo – Wild Ones [Video]

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