Most LBW dismissals in a Test Match

Most LBW dismissals in a Test Match Ausies

Most LBW dismissals in a Test Match

LBW is one of the ways in which a batsman can be dismissed in the game of cricket. The rule for such dismissal is quite simple. A delivery hitting any body part of a batsman right in front of stumps with its impact in line would be considered as an LBW out. Of many ways of getting dismissed in cricket, lbw is considered to be purely a bowler’s wicket just like a bowled out.

Most LBW dismissals in a Test Match Aus vs SL

With so much test cricket going around at the moment, the number of records getting shattered and remodeled is countless. Firstly Pakistan won a game against England with a spin bowler giving a record breaking performance at the Lord’s. In the second match of the same series, England won by a record margin of runs. On the other hand India recorded a victory over West Indies. The triumph was also the biggest margin win for India outside Asia. And now Sri Lanka has recorded their second ever test win over Australia. Surprisingly Sri Lanka had managed to win just a single test over Australia in 27 games played before this. The first victory for them came in 1999. In doing so, Sri Lank and Australia both have created various cricket records including most LBW dismissals.

Most LBW dismissals in a Test Match Australia

On the final day Sri Lanka needed six wickets to win the game. Though Australian captain Steve Smith resisted well, no other batter could give him proper hand. Steve Smith was out after reaching his fifty but it was PM Nevill and SNJ O’Keefe who literally tested Sri Lanka’s patience before they clinched up their second win over Aussies. Both tail-enders almost took the game away from Sri Lanka as the cloudy weather was always a threat to the play. Nevill and O’Keefe scored just 4 runs between them after playing 178 balls. In fact Australia did not score a single run off 25.4 overs a new world record for the slowest batting. Apart from this the match will also be remembered for most lbw dismissals. A total of 15 players were caught leg before wicket in the game.

However still these numbers are the fifth on most lbw dismissals in a test match list.  Most lbw dismissals in a test game record is held by Pakistan and West Indies with a total of 20 lbw dismissals in 2011. The full list of such incredible games goes as under.

Most LBW dismissals in a Test Match

Team 1 Team 2 No. of LBW Winner Match date
West Indies Pakistan 20 West Indies 12 May 2011
West Indies Pakistan 17 West Indies 16 Apr 1993
England Pakistan 17 Pakistan 3 Feb 2012
England Pakistan 16 Pakistan 25 Jan 2012
Pakistan New Zealand 15 New Zealand Lahore
West Indies Australia 15 Australia 5 Mar 1999
Sri Lanka Australia 15 Sri Lanka 26 Jul 2016
Pakistan Sri Lanka 14 Pakistan 2 Jan 1992
West Indies Australia 14 West Indies 26 Mar 1999
England West Indies 14 England

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