Longest sixes in Cricket

Longest sixes in Cricket by King of sixes Shahid Afridi

Longest sixes in Cricket by King of sixes Shahid Afridi

Shahid Khan Afridi – a name with a whole cricketing saga in itself. Born in a far region of Federally Administrated Tribal Areas of Pakistan, who would have imagined that this young Pashtun would go on to make history? One of the most entertaining as well as controversial personalities in cricket world holds many cricket records on his name. There are millions in the world who would rather die for a glimpse of the unique cricket star and there are his haters probably in the same proportion as well. The reason people love him is the approach he has towards the game and same is the cause of loads of criticism on him that he has been getting throughout the career. Though often proved to be fatal, Shahid Afridi never stepped back from playing the aggressive game even at times when it was totally unnecessary. Passionate, patriotic and emotional, Shahid Afridi is exactly the same as a Pathan should have been.

Longest sixes in Cricket by Afridi

The record holder for the fastest ODI hundred, a feat that remained unbeatable for almost 17 years, Shahid Afridi made his debut as a bowler. Though his bowling often comes more than useful for his side, especially in past few seasons, Afridi got familiar for his batting or should I call it hitting ability. There has been a time when he used to open for Pakistan but long goes those days. The all-rounder’s recent years in cricket have been dominated by the debate that shouldn’t he be retired till this day? Nevertheless, Shahid Afridi is still a phenomenal performer holding a number of match winning performances on hi record book. His most favorite shot surely is hitting a six, in fact not just a six but a sky-high and one of the longest sixes. The world record holder for most sixes in international cricket is ever ready to toss the ball out of ground.

Longest sixes in Cricket Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi’s batting average might have been really poor, for he is one of the players with most matches played in international cricket. However for a player of his caliber batting average does not matter really much. People expect him to hit longest sixes and he often does the same, though for a short interval. Critics, even the players once his best friends in the team, are suggesting that he is too rusty for today’s game however the fact that as long as he is on the crease out there, people still hope for a miracle. The same miracle that happened almost 17 years back when one of the youngest cricket players fired the fastest century on his first international inning. Critics have their own point of view, fans have their personal logic and Shahid Afridi keeps doing the same he’s been doing since the day one. visit cricket section for more amazing cricket posts

Longest sixes in Cricket by King of sixes Shahid Afridi – Video

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