Cristiano Ronaldo - Best Sad & Angry Moments – HD [Video]

Cristiano Ronaldo – Best Sad & Angry Moments – HD [Video]

Cristiano Ronaldo – Best Sad & Angry Moments – HD [Video]

Cayetano Ros has said that the big problem with Real Madrid is the sadness that transmits on the pitch and that was seen in the first part of the match against Villarreal. The journalist analyzed the defeat suffered by Los Blancos as;

“Real Madrid conveys sadness. Modric was seen leaving the stadium hooded without wanting to talk to anyone, perhaps feeling guilty for the goal. But not only Modric, also Cristiano Ronaldo, who has no feelings with coach and James Rodríguez too.”

“The lack of accuracy has to do with the mood, sadness is transmitted in ineffectiveness. When joyful seems more effective. The same Benzema failed goals that never fails because he’s had a tough week. The team is paying the sadness with the coach.” Real Madrid were found nowhere in the first half last night and when they felt that the game is slipping from them they tried to recover but failed. Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema took more central positions allowing Gareth Bale to move to his favorite left side. Though the Welsh created some good volleys from the wing but the two front-men were unable to cash them.

This is not the first time Real Madrid’s BBC have failed to deliver though they did not had much time together this season but the expectations are high and they have been doing a great job since last two or three games. As for the player’s relationship with Rafa Benitez at the start of the season there was some ‘coldness’ but as the season progressed they are looking much better together. Cristiano Ronaldo and Benitez both have already told that they are understanding each other and with time everything will be alright. Cristiano Ronaldo was hoping to take the advantage of La Liga top scorer’s injury to close the gap however that did not work as the Portuguese failed to produce any magic.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Best Sad & Angry Moments – HD [Video]

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