Top 10 Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow

Top 10 Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow

Top 10 Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow

Twitter is a place where you can follow all your favorite people from different field and so that you can get the latest updates and news about your idols or the about the field to which they belong. For any tech savvy person, someone who is into video games or anything geeky, these are the accounts you must follow to get his daily dose of tech. These are the Top 10 Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow.

Top 10 Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow
Top 10 Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow

Top 10 Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow

10. Leo Laporte

At number 10 in Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow is Leo Laporte. Leo is a US based tech journalist. He is famous for his tech radio show called “Leo Laporte: The Tech Guy” which has made him a popular name in the tech fraternity. He is also famous for his podcasts. His popularity can be estimated from the fact that a million dollars a year from his shows. Being a tech journalist, his twitter handle is great source of information for any tech savvy guy because of his constant tweets about the latest there is in the world of technology.

9. Tim O’Reilly

At number 9 is Tim O’Reilly. He is probably one of the unsung heroes of the tech revolution who needs much more attention and adoration than what he receives for he has been instrumental in open source development which has drastically changed how we view tech development. His twitter handle is especially interesting as he posts about things that are under development or in alpha stage. His tweets help to bring such talented people to mainstream attention. He also shares their stories and how they are pushing the boundaries for future. If you are interested to find out about the future of tech then he is the person to be following because of his great tweets.

8. Peter Cashmore

At number 8 in Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow is Peter Cashmore. The best source of tech news is another tech crazy persona and as such Peter Cashmore is your man. He is constantly posting the latest of the tech world on his twitter handle and these posts include everything under the umbrella of the term technology. Apart from that his tips on apps, programs and other subjects are especially helpful for any beginner tech enthusiast. His site Mashable is also really cool with great design and article from tech, pop culture to politics.

7. Geek Police

Top 10 Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow
geek police

At number 7 in Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow is Geek Police. As the name itself suggest, this is a geek paradise. Their tweets are usually tech news, interesting tech articles or any new of interest in general. Apart from that their main site is one of the best sites to get guides on everything about computers because of the great forum that tackles everything from virus and malware removal to troubleshooting hardware & software, games, programming, digital art and general tech discussion. They often tweet some interesting or relevant forum post links to their twitter handle as well. Overall their main site is way more productive in general than their twitter handle.

6. Arstechnica

At number 6 is Arstechnica. Arstechnica is a leading tech website. It’s twitter handle has more than a million followers. Like other tech websites, its twitter handles tweets links to its reviews , news, articles, and other articles. Its main websites is a PC Enthusiasts website and thus is a great source of daily information for the all the latest hardware and software hitting the market. It also has its own forum for people to interact and supports a great open source environment.

5. Macworld

At number 5 in Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow is Macworld. As the name suggests Macworld is all about the apple products and apple users. Their website is a staple for every Apple user/fan and it has everything from reviews, how tos, latest apps, videos, etc on Apple devices. Their twitter handle is the same, as it posts constants updates about apple or related products.

4. FForward

Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow

At number 4 in Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow is Fforward. Fforward or Fast Forward is one of the all round players in tech news as it gives the latest updates and developments in technology from all spheres like biology, science, design, etc. They tweet everything from news about space to new devices.

3. Wired

At number 3 in Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow is Wired. Wired is one of the top publications when it comes to technology. From their magazine, website to their YouTube channel, its filled with in-depth and well researched articles and videos, all of which separate them from their competition. Their twitter handle is also quite popular with the tech geeks. The really amazing thing about their twitter handle is that you can specifically select which tech feeds you want to follow like gaming, science, hardware, etc.

2. Engadget

At number 2 is Engadget. Engadget’s website and YouTube channel is among the most popular sources of tech information and their twitter handle is not far behind with 1.86 million followers. Their tweets link to their reviews, unboxing, builds and other videos and articles from their main website or YouTube channel. They have especially good articles when it comes to ipads, iphones or any other handheld devices.

1. Tech Crunch

At number 1 in Tech Geek Twitter Accounts to Follow is Tech Crunch. Tech Crunch is one of the premier sources for anything related to them. From their own website to their YouTube channel, Tech Crunch is the great source of Tech news and their twitter account is no different. The account is handles by expert editors who post the latest in tech news. They posts about gadgets, mobiles and upcoming technologies.

While newspapers are still relevant in today’s world,  there is a slow transition to the virtual world where many people get any latest news or development on the internet before their newspaper of news channel. As such Twitter is a great place to get all the latest news in the field you desire by following the appropriate accounts. These are the best accounts for any Tech Savvy person to follow.

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