Top 10 Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know

Top 10 Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know

Top 10 Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know

Instagram is one of the hottest platforms out there. It is a all in one photo sharing, video sharing and social networking service that allows the user to shoot pictures and videos and share them on the app or via other social networking sites like twitter and facebook. From movie celebs, sportsperson to music artist and normal people, everyone is using Instagram. So here are the Top 10 Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know to help you better use it.

Top 10 Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know
Top 10 Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know

Top 10 Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know

10. Editing your Photos Yourself

At number 10 in Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know is Editing your Photos Yourself. Filters are great to use as they offer a one touch editing for you photos but in order to bring the most out of your photos you can also edit the photo yourself because after all Instagram is a full-fledged Photo Editor. In the editing screen of Instagram, clicking on the wrench icon reveals the different editing options like Rotating image, sharpness, color, shadows, etc.

9. Reorder and Hide Filters

At number 9 in Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know is Reorder and Hiding Filters. Filters are a big part of the whole Instagram experience. Filters are also released from time to time and now there are tons to try, but everyone has their favorites which they use all the time. So, its time consuming to search for your favorite filters all the time in an ocean of filters. So you can go to the extreme right by scrolling through the filers for the option called manage, which lets you hide the filers you hate and don’t want to use and also select the order of the filters so that your favorite ones are never far away.

8. Creating Collages

At number 8 is Creating Collages. Until recently Instagram didn’t implicitly have any support for creating collages and you had to rely on third party apps to do that, but now with an app called “Layout” which has been released by Instagram, user can easily create collages. Collages can be created either by using Layout app or via Instagram when you press the collage button. It offers many options and choices to make the most demanding user happy.

7. Tagging others

At number 7 in Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know is Tagging Others. Instagram at the end of the day is a social networking site and in order to put the social networking in it, you have to interact with other users. For a photo and video sharing app like Instagram this can be done by tagging others who are in a particular photo or video. Tagging others leads to reposting or re-graming of your photos thus increasing the traffic for your photos.

6. Quick Access Recent Images

At number 6 in Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know is Quick Access Recent Images. While Instagram lets us to upload images by using its camera app, there are many far better camera apps out there with greater options for customization. So, in case you want to upload your pictures that you have shot using other camera app then all you have to do is tap and hold the camera button in Instagram which reveals a scroll bar of all the recent images from your gallery which can then be selected for upload and also edited.

5. Clearing Search History

At number 5 in Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know is Clearing Search History. Nothing can embarrass us as much as someone else seeing our search history. No wonder there are so many jokes on this. So if you don’t want to let your friends see all those crazy things you have been searching on Instagram then you can clear your history by going to your profile, select options, and scroll down to the bottom for the option “Clear Search History”.

4. Remove Tags of Yourself from Other’s photos

At number 4 is Remove Tags of Yourself from Other’s photos. Let’s face it, we don’t want our parents or relatives to especially see a embarrassing picture that our friend has tagged us in. So in order to avoid that one can either go to the photo, select “Photo Options” and choose “Remove me from Photo” or can simple select the option “Hide from my Profile” if you don’t want to offend your friends by removing the tag.

3. Getting Notifications from People you are following

At number 3 in Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know is Getting Notifications from People you are following. If there is some special person or a celeb whose not even a single post should go unnoticed by you, you can enable notifications on their account so that you get to know about all their Instagram activity. To enable it you have to go to the profile, press on “…” button and press “Turn on Post Notifications”.

2. Great Hastags with Autocomplete

At number 2 is Great Hashtags with Autocomplete. Hashtags play an important role in Instagram as Instagram groups images based on the hashtags used and thus it becomes vital to use the correct ones which is sometimes a great pain. Thus, Instagram has its own built-in hashtag suggestion. For example, in case of uploading a picture of a book you are reading, when you type #bo and wait a second you will find a dropdown list of relevant hashtags arranged according to their popularity. This allows you to select that perfect hashtag for your perfect pictures.

1. Use Less Data

At number 1 in Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know is Use Less Data. Instagram revolves around images and videos and thus is more draining on mobile data than other social networking apps. Thus this feature of Instagram to use less data is especially handy. By going to profile, then options and selecting cellular data, we get the option “Use Less Data” will reduce the drain on mobile data significantly.

These are some of the most useful feature or rather tricks to make your everyday Instagram experience better which most of the people might not know.

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