Top 10 Rom Com That You Haven’t Seen

Rom Com

Top 10 Rom Com that you haven’t seen

The world note a days is harsh and we tend to survive each day than live life. There are days which are mundane and then there are days which are pain unfair. So we feel with them with chocolate or Ice cream, preferably both, and a blissful romantic comedy. Rom com’s are the best anecdotes to a bad day ,hopeless bosses, unhelpful colleagues, babbling boyfriends n abusing drivers…you know…everything. Note if you’ve run out of Rom-com’s to pair your Ferrero Rocher clad elite time off from the world, here’s a few to pump up the list. Here are 10 Top 10 Rom Com That You Haven’t Seen.

Rom Com
Rom Com

Top 10 Rom Com That You Haven’t Seen

10. The Shop Around the Corner

This 1940’s Rom Com has probably been the inspiration of hundreds, if not a thousand of movies which have transpired over the decades in the romantic comedy genre. The story revolves around a workaholic Mr. Kralik and the pesky little newcomer Ms. Novak who detests each other in person. Tides begin to turn as kralik starts corresponding with a mystery woman whose ad he came to cross in the newspaper who’s none other than Novak. Both of them eventually fall for each other in the letters and continue to hate each other at work.

9. While You Were Sleeping

This is your typical ‘girl-crushes-on-boy-and-boy-has-no-idea-she-exists’ Rom Com. Lucy, played by Sandra Bullock is a fare token collector has a crush on the handsome everyday commute Peter Callaghan. Of course, Peter has no idea she exists and lives his life his own till he is thrown in the tracks by muggers and Lucy saves him. Unfortunately, he slips into a coma and a hospital nurse overhears Lucy saying “And I would have married him” and presumes she’s his fiancé. And it all spirals down uncontrollably from there.

8. Wimbledon

Now this one is a bit personal. It’s an absolute favorite Rom Com. The movie starts with Paul Bettany’s Peter Colt, a wild card entrant in Wimbledon, with a ATP of 115 in the world, deciding to retire after the current season and Kirsten Dunst’s Lizzy, who’s the big up and coming in US women’s tennis. Both meet on the grounds and Peter falls in love with Lizzy. Peter realizes that Lizzy makes him more confident and hungry for wins as his stance improves and he starts winning back to back matches.

7. What Women Want

This movie’s idea is every man’s ultimate dream.  Mel Gibson’s Nick Marshall, a chauvinist, loses a promotion to Helen Hunt’s Darcy and in an ultimate plan to impress Darcy and his boss, Dan, he thinks up to copy a series of feminine products for an ad campaign. While in the thought process, he falls into his bathtub while holding an electric hairdryer, almost electrocuting himself. He wakes up and realizes that he can now listen to all women’s thoughts. He knows the fact that women in his office, his own daughter despises him.

6. The Mirror Has Two Faces

Barbara Streisand. Jeff  Bridges. Rom Com. Ultimate Feels. The story starts with Streisand’s Rose, a shy, plain English Professor with a loveless life, who stays with her mother and an attractive sister, Claire. Jeff’s Gregory is a mathematics professor who believes making love and making yourself crazy are synonymous, as he loses all sense of logic when he’s aroused. He places an ad in the newspaper stating he wants a more intellectual relationship than a physical one, and Claire writes to him for Rose.

5. 10 Things I Hate About You

This Rom Com is a modernization of William Shakespeare’s late-16th century comedy The Taming of the Shrew. The movie surrounds a geeky Cameron who’s smitten with Bianca, a popular girl at the high school he has entered. Bianca has a sister, and both of them are forced into a ‘No-Date’ pack by their father, who is bothersome about teenage pregnancy. He, after prolonged protests, allows Bianca to date, only if her sister Kat does the same. Seizing this opportunity, Cameron finds Patrick, a scary senior to date Kat, even providing him information about Kat’s likes and dislikes and finds success.

4. Laws of Attraction

In Laws of attraction, Divorce Lawyers Daniel Rafferty and Audrey Woods, played by Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore, are faced against each other at a high profile divorce case where both parties want their lavish cottage in Ireland and are refusing to back off. Both having seen love break in too many ways are skeptical about the word, and decide to pay a visit to the castle themselves. A series of unorthodox occurrences happen and both end up married to one another the following morning. As they return to the case, they find that their marriage is made public in papers and both move in together to save their careers.

3. Just My Luck

In this Rom Com , Chris Pine’s Jake Hardin is in the wrong side of luck, his ironed outfit gets drenched, he doesn’t ever get a commute, his ideas are stolen and implemented, and he can’t catch a break. Lindsay’s Ashley, however, finds that luck is always by her side. Ashley and Jake meet at a masquerade party and immediately take a liking to each other. They kiss at the end of the gala, and that’s when things turn topsy-turvy. Their luck switches, and both their lives go haywire. While Jake lands the band McFly, for whom he was the manager, a big record deal, Ashley gets into a hail storm of bad luck.

2. America’s Sweethearts

Gwen Harrison and Eddie Thoma are divorced. While Eddie is still very  much in love with Gwen, she has moved on with another man. Gwen’s sister Kiki, played by Julia Roberts has always been in love with Eddie, though they kissed once after Eddie was broken from Gwen leaving him, it didn’t materialize. Eddie was in a rehab since and was taken out when Eddie and Gwen’s final movie was being premiered. Eddie and Kiki comes close again, but Gwen, smelling problems in her career, manipulates the both of them so that she can get what she wants.

1. As Good as It Gets

This is the only Rom Com who’s leads were nominated and received an academy award for their roles in this movie. Melvin Udall is a 60 year old man who works at home as a best-selling novelist working on his 62nd book. He has OCD and treats everyone in an ill-mannered way. He ate at the same restaurant in the same seat forever and had the same server Carol Connelly , who was tolerant of his behavior. Melvin goes through a lot of changes once his neighbor gets assaulted and he’s set to take care of his dog, and Carol chooses to work close to home as her son is sick. He goes as far as to pay for her son’s illness himself so that she can return to work, and eventually develops a close relation with the dog as well.

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