Top 10 Budding Entertainment Websites

The internet is ripe with entertaining boredom busting websites. Here are the Top 10 Budding Entertainment Websites.

Top 10 Budding Entertainment Websites

The primary means of Entertainment used to be watching TV, going out for movies or going to some show, gig or circus, but now with the advent of the internet entertainment is available to everyone’s doorsteps. The internet is ripe with entertaining boredom busting websites. Here are the Top 10 Budding Entertainment Websites.

The internet is ripe with entertaining boredom busting websites. Here are the Top 10 Budding Entertainment Websites.

Top 10 Budding Entertainment Websites

10. Crunchyroll

At number 10 in Budding Entertainment Websites is Crunchyroll. This site is unique in the streaming business because it streams East Asian media including anime, manga, dramas, music etc. Anime is a worldwide phenomenon and people outside of East Asia find it very difficult to obtain the latest anime in good quality from legit sources. This was solved by Crunchyroll which now has more than 700000 paid subscribers. Apart from that they also stream Japanese and Korean Drama and Music which also have a lot of takers worldwide.

9. Tumblr

At number 9 is Tumblr. Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform which is unique to the others in the business. A common problem with all blogging sites is the number of bad blogs we have to shift though in order to find a good one. Tumblr lets the user to follow blogs that you like so that whenever your favorite blogger posts anything you will be notified right away. Seeing the number of Tumblr posts doing the circulation on various social media sites like face book or twitter, we can see that the content of Tumblr is genuinely unique.

8. PC Gamer

At number 8 in Budding Entertainment Websites is PC Gamer. PC Gamer is a website that caters exclusively to all the gamers out there with focus on PC Gaming. With all the latest news about pc hardware, game publishers, hardware reviews, game reviews, buying guides and blogs, it is the dream website for any gamer out there. If you like the website you can also buy their monthly magazine which is available both in physical and digital format.

7. Funny or Die

At number 7 in Budding Entertainment Websites is Funny or Die. It is a comedy video website that combined original and exclusive content with the user generated content. It has been one of the funniest and controversial website for some time. If you are still not sold then consider this, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are behind this. It also has a quality filer that removes the not so funny videos.

6. 9GAG

At number 6 is 9GAG. If you are bored as hell, then is the site you must visit. 9GAG is as the name suggests a site about fun and gags. It’s full with jokes and humorous pictures and posts. Also it lets people create their own content and share it. Thus, it’s a fun platform for people to bring their inner Chandler Bing to the surface.


At number 5 in Budding Entertainment Websites is ESPN. The name ESPN is synonymous with sports and is the leader in sports coverage and related news since 80s. This website provides complete information on MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, Cricket, football, etc along with live scores of all the games. It also has blogs written by sports columnists. It’s a must visit for every sports fan.

4. Spotify

At number 4 is Spotify. It’s really difficult to have every song of your favorite artist or genre downloaded on your phone, pc or tablet and hence came online music streaming. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services out there that has an awesome interface  to let you know how to use it and where you find your favorite music. You can browse by artist, albums or songs and can create your own radio station. It is also a great place to discover some awesome Indie Artists.

3. Hulu Plus

At number 3 in Budding Entertainment Websites is Hulu Plus. Binge watching is defined as watching multiple episodes of a tv show in rapid succession and this is one of the biggest trends of 21st century. Hulu Plus, an online streaming service lets the user watch current shows, classic shows or any movie any time they want. Hulu also offers a one week free trial, after which a low cost monthly subscription is applicable.

2. Netflix

At number 2 in Budding Entertainment Websites is Netflix. Binge Watching is a big phenomenon in today’s world and nothing satisfies the urge to binge than Netflix. This online streaming service lets you watch movies, tv shows and original shows. It great content and variety and low monthly cost, it has taken the world by storm. While there are other online streaming services like Hulu, what gives it edge over the others are quality original shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, House of Cards and Orange is The New Black.

1. YouTube

At number 1 in Budding Entertainment Websites is YouTube. It is the most popular video watching service that lets you share videos with your friends and family and watch original content created by user. YouTube is also one of the best platforms to connect with audiences and thus trailers of all the latest movies are released on YouTube. Also Artist also release their songs on YouTube. Many movies have also been released on YouTube exclusively while all other movies are available for streaming. The wide array of user generated videos on every genre possible like music, gaming, art, wildlife, movies, etc is bewildering. YouTube has also enabled people to become famous online celebs and in some cases millionaires due to their popularity of their content.

Online media consumption has increased many folds over the last decade. Today even while using TV we are watching online content as most of the TVs are not smart TV with built in web browser that let us stream movies, shows and music. Also gaming consoles that were previously have exclusively been for gaming now come equipped with Netflix, hulu, YouTube etc, so that apart from gaming the user can also consume media content. These websites on the list are among the premier Entertainment Websites.

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