Top 10 Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow

These people are the Top 10 Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow right now.

Top 10 Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow

YouTube is a place where you can follows tons of vloggers posting about every possible topic imaginable. So it’s no wonder that some of the most of popular YouTubers are actually Tech Geeks. We interact with technology everyday of our lives and not everyone is as adept in dealing with it. Be it troubleshooting some problems, which device to buy, how to install a particular software or just about anything else, these Tech Geeks have you covered. Here are the Top 10 Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow.

These people are the Top 10 Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow right now.
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Top 10 Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow

10. Eric Phares

At number 10 in Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow is Eric Phares. Eric hosts the tech channel called “Tech of  Tomorrow”. His channel is unlike any other because apart from being a tech enthusiast, he is also a great guitar player and thus his videos have some of the most awesome intros ever. He does everything from hardware reviews, unboxing, pc builds, phone reviews, etc. He has quite the funny bone and can even make a mundane unboxing videos fun as hell. Apart from that he has a channel with his own name where he uploads videos about music and guitars.

9. Judner Aura

At number 9 is Judner Aura. Judner hosts the YouTube channel called “UrAvgConsumer”. Though he might not be as big a name as the other folks on this list but his channel is rapidly growing and dethroning others as one of the best tech channels on YouTube. Apart from his good reviews on phones, computer hardware and headphones, his videos also have a human touch because he is not afraid to show some spontaneous dance moves or to show off his Gundam collection. At a time when every other tech channel’s videos fall into the same generic style, his content is pretty unique. He also has some vlog style content which is uploads on regular basis.

8. Jonathan Morrison

At number 8 in Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow is Jonathan Morrison. Jonathan’s tech videos are some of the most neat and professionally filmed videos available on YouTube which itself speaks volumes. His cool and fun personality resonates in his videos as well and thus watching him talk about tech is a breeze to watch. His reviews are highly accurate, informative and thoroughly researched with little doses of comedy. No wonder he has more than a million subscribers.

7. Chris Pirillo

At number 7 is Chris Pirillo. Any tech lover who spends his time on YouTube has definitely subscribed to Chris Pirillo’s channel “Lockgnome’s Geek Lifestyle”. He is widely regarded as a person who knows his thing and so his vlogs are so popular. He shares his honest opinions on various topics and his videos are less scripted and more discussion based.

6. Austin Evans

At number 6 in Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow is Austin Evans. Austin Evans is a self proclaimed Apple Fan and so most of his reviews and videos are Apple products centric but still he makes some pc builds and other gadgets reviews from time to time. He is really an awesome reviewer who has this really natural flow to his reviews which make watching his videos a breeze. Also he has a neat ending line.

5. Lewis Hilsenteger

At number 5 in Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow is Lewis Hilsenteger. Lewis hosts the channel called Unbox Therapy which as the name suggests deals with the unboxing of various products and his critical analysis of the products as well as they included goodies and packaging. He is known for his downright honest in his critical approach. His shot to fame was the iPhone bending test as he was one of the first person to report that.

4. Bernacules Nerdgasm

At number 4 is Bernacules Nerdgasm. He is one of the more interesting Tech Geeks to follow on YouTube and for good reason. Even guy most uninterested in Tech can agree to one thing and that is, Bernacules videos are a treat to watch right from the unique way to present his content, using different voices and the background batman voice, its nothing like what you expected from a tech channel. Apart the usual reviews, builds and guides, he also gives lessons on C programming language which are really top-notch and is great for anyone who wants to get into coding.

3. Marques Brownlee

At number 3 in Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow is Marques Brownlee. Marques Brownlee’s channel specializes in in-depth request on smartphones and other gadgets. He is no doubt the best tech reviewer on YouTube who makes high quality videos (he uploads his videos at 4k!). Though his videos might be really informative and in-depth, they are not the most fun videos which is not that big a deal breaker for those who just want the raw facts.

2. Luke Lafreniere

At number 2 in Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow is Luke Lafreniere. He along with Linus Sebestian host the popular tech channel called the Linus Tech Tips. He does everything from reviews, PC builds, buying guides and some really cool series like Scrap Yard challenge builds and wacky build competitions. What separates this channel from the rest is that it’s more approachable because of the way the technologies are explained to a layman and Linus is really funny. Who could have guessed knowing about Tech can be fun as well.

1. Linus Sebestian

At number 1 in Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow is Linus Sebestian. Linus along with Luke hosts the tech channel called Linus Tech Tips. As already mentioned he does reviews, pc builds, buying guilds and also build challenges. Their tech channel is unique because of the witty and humorous presentation of the facts and reviews which is usually not the norm for tech channels. He also hosts another cool channel called Tech Quickies where he explains various Technologies to a layman as fast as possible. These videos are fun and quick way to make one known about the various new Technologies that are coming up.

These people are the Top 10 Tech Geek YouTubers to Follow right now.

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