Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2

Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2

Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2

Let’s be honest and just admit to ourselves that no matter how long the episodes are or how many episodes are there in a season … a true fan will binge watch all of them within one weekend or less. There are so many awesome shows that are impossible to fit in one tiny list. What is a Superhero related article without a sequel? Not enough… That’s what it is. So here we are with even more Superhero TV series to feast your eyes upon.  Here we give you ten more shows to binge watch over the course of next ten weekends. Grab a seat, order some popcorn and enjoy the ride as we take you through another session of Top 10 Superhero TV Series.

Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2
Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2

Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2

10. Super girl (2015 – present)

Kicking off our list at number 10 of Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2 is the Man of Steel’s own Cousin Kara Zor-el from the city of Kandor. Every nerd’s crush, super girl is just gold for eyes. This series got a good reputation and a strong fan-base quite quickly.  Apart from collaboration with Flash the TV series, it is going all kinds of places. It became one of the most popular television shows to be ever watched as soon as it released. It has a Fair story-telling Along with good action sequences. It is successfully sticking to its roots with nice CGI effects.  Isn’t it All a good Superhero series needs? Well our Super girl here has got it all.

09. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (2013- present)

Who said spin offs don’t do so great? At number 9 of this amazing list of Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2, we have Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, a show which makes the assumption invalid as it is. This is a Spinoff from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This series follows the missions of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. As a bonus The MCU and the series exists in the same universe… So, it not crazy to expect some great cameos. A truly entertaining show of all, this one deserves a watch.

08. Teen Titans (2003 TV series)

Shows will come and go, but some series are here to stay and leave an impact on your mind long after you have finished it. This one is one of those shows. The original Teen Titans show which had more material, more fun and stayed more true to the source material than the modern idiotic one. This is the first animated series in this list and we’ve got plenty where that came from. Trust us… Do not miss out on this classic. It lands on number 8 in the list of Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2.

07. Heroes (2006- 2010)

This one gives us some supernatural goals. It will be very difficult to avoid the fact that we all have wanted superpowers since our childhood. In this show, a bunch of people got them and it is for them to decide how they want to use it. An original TV series based on common people who discover that they have super powers and their lives intertwine as a devastating event must be prevented. If you liked Heroes Reborn, you’re sure to like this.  This is why it is at number 7 of Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2.

06. Superman (1996 TV series)

This one out of the list is too hard to miss out on. At number 6 of Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2, we have everyone’s favourite Superman. If you were living under a cave in the early 2000s or were too young or some other reason you missed out on one of the most iconic animated  series of all time, here’s the chance to redeem yourself and enjoy the last son of Krypton’s greatest adventures.

05. Spider-Man (1994 TV series)

This show instantly became the craze as soon as it popped out the oven. At number 5 of Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2, we have Spiderman. The most successful animated series Marvel ever pulled off. This series was one of those rare gems that you come across once in a few decades. Admit it; this was one of the first series you ever watched as a kid if you love superhero stuff. If you have seen it, it is time you revisit the memory lane again. If you have not, then it is time you do.

04. Young Justice (2010 TV series)

Now, we all know that this was the show that made us make schedules in order to catch the episodes on time. Inviting friends over to see the show together was a crazy fad among others. It wouldn’t be wrong to say this was the most loved animated superhero TV series of the late 2000s. This kept us at the edge of our seat as the teenage members of the DC universe prove themselves to be worthy of belonging in the Justice league. This is why it is at number 4 of Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2.

03. Justice League (2001 TV series)

This show is one of those shows which remind you where it started. It is old. It is more than gold. It spread the craze among watchers immediately after airing and people became fans instantly. This show still brings joy to a kid’s heart and ever adults who crave superhero stuff.  It is one of those shows that leave you blank after its end and you do not fail to remember it ever after 15 years after its arrival. At number 3 of Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2, Justice League is still rocking it.

02. Daredevil (2015- present)

Some shows are too epic to be mentioned once in a list and be done with. This is the most successful Marvel TV show in recent years.  This has been marvel’s epic gift to us watchers. This television series was in the part one as well, but since it is a masterpiece of a show… listing it twice is the fair thing to do here. A hero who is a blind working class by the day and, and can take a punch and save the city at night …what else can be more thrilling? This show is the most badass of them all. That’s why it lands on number 2 of Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2.

01. Batman: The Animated Series (1992 TV series)

At number 1 of Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 2, Batman is here to save you all from boredom for this weekend. Need we say more that this is the most epic Superhero show of all time? If you call yourself a batfan or batman fan and have never seen this show, then your feat is still incomplete. With a 9.0 IMDB rating, pure awesomeness is what this series was and would always be considered the best by most of the people who were fortunate enough to see it. Further waiting for watching will be a foolish thing to do. This show for sure is a delight to watch …alone or with friends.

If you liked this list of ours, check out the Top 10 Superhero TV Series Part 1 right here. Happy watching.

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