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Top 10 Bizarre Death Cases : The Ultimate Exclusive List

Death is an inevitable part of life. May it be diseases, hunger, natural calamities or self destruction… it has to come someday and can’t be otherwise. However, some death cases are straight out of a horror story book . They are beyond explanation or reasoning of the human mind. Today we have some of the extraordinary cases leading to the scenario of death. Here are Top 10 Bizarre Death Cases .

Top 10 Bizarre Death Cases : The Ultimate Exclusive List



This topic might scare the readers, even to the core. To know more about these cases, read on .


10. Down the window

Down the window is among Amazing 10 Death Cases
Down the window

In this case of bizzare death, we are looking at an engineer turned lawyer . A guy with such educational background is supposed to be smart, or so we thought. This lawyer from Toronto , while working with interns decided to prove to them that the glass window in the room is unbreakable by running into it . He was very confident about this fact as he had done this a lot of time before. However, this particular time the whole window gushed out and he fell from 24th floor to right on to the street next to it . To his assurance the glass window remained intact in one piece but he died within couple of minutes. This one on the lost is one of the Best 10 Bizarre Death Cases.


9. The man who ate himself to death

The man who ate himself to death is among Awesome10 Death Cases
The man who ate himself to death

We often wonder if we could eat double our size . Adolf Frederick was a Swedish king who was known for a lot of things among having lavish meals. One such meal being the cause of his death. This famous king died in Stockholm on 12th of  February in 1771 after consuming a meal consisting of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, kippers and champagne, which was topped off with 14 servings of his favourite dessert.  To everybody’s surprise the king did go to bed after dinner but unfortunately it wasn’t his comfy cot but the deathbed instead. This one on the lost is one of the Amazing 10 Bizarre Death Cases.


8. Death by the shot

Death by the shot is among Top 10 Death Cases
Death by the shot

In the summer of 1994, a 16 year old guy was playing golf with his friends in a golf club in new York, the day was going fine until he and his friends reached the sixth hole where he got frustrated and smashed his golf stick into the ground. The shaft of the stick broke and went piercing into his heart, instantly killing him . So this is why people should never show violence while sporting. This one on the lost is one of the Awesome 10 Bizarre Death Cases.

7. Water intoxication

Water intoxication is among Remarkable 10 Death Cases
Water intoxication

They say, drinking water is healthy for your heart, brain and metabolism. But what isn’t told is that too much of water …much like anything else can be destructive. Like in this case, Jennifer strange, who was a 28 yr old mother, participated in a contest held by a local radio station. The contest required the participants to drink 7.5 litres of water and hold on to it. Among the 20 participants, whoever would hold on the longest was supposed to win. Much to their surprise, she came in 2nd but was found dead the very next day. However, their family sued the radio station and the jury awarded 16 million dollars to the family as compensation for her loss. This one on the lost is one of the Top 10 Bizarre Death Cases.


6. The fangs of karma

The fangs of karma is among Splendid 10 Death Cases
The fangs of karma

In the year of 2014, a chef named Peng fan was preparing a dish that required snake meat. Not just any snake, but one of a kind indo Chinese cobra. After severing the head of the cobra, the chef was really convinced that it is dead. however…as you guessed it 20 minutes later the cobra;s severed head bit him and injected a venom resulting in his death . As it turns out, the snake was dead indeed but some snakes have the tendency to bite and inject neurotoxins even if the head is severed (As a reflex action). This one on the lost is one of the Remarkable 10 Bizarre Death Cases.


5. Backfired

Backfired is among Top notch 10 Death Cases

How often do you see your plans fail? well, more often than not…right ? well  consider yourself lucky to to have not died due to it. Clement Vallandigham, was a 50 yr old lawyer who while demonstrating  how a person might have shot himself….killed himself instead. This lawyer was defending a client who was accused of murder in a bar brawl . But vallandigham was pretty sure that the person who was ‘killed’ died due to his own mistake. In his attempt he took an unloaded gun and shot at himself. To everyone’s surprise…the gun was loaded. This one on the lost is one of the Splendid 10 Bizarre Death Cases.



4. Chocolaty death

Chocolaty death is among Extraordinary 10 Death Cases
Chocolaty death

How many of us would like to eat chocolate and melt in it’s goodness? Well this guy unfortunately did it . At number 4, we have Vincent smith. He had, what we call the perfect job. This guy worked with chocolate all day and made decent money! Until one day, when this horrible accident that happened at his workplace while he was adding a large amount of cocoa in a boiling tank . He accidentally was hit in the head and fell right over into the tank . It was not before 10 minutes that his body was rescued by the workers. This one on the lost is one of the Top notch 10 Bizarre Death Cases.


3. Death by scarf

 Death by scarf is among Incredible 10 Death Cases
Death by scarf

An American dancer , born in California named Isadora duncan is the next one in this list.  She used to be very fond of her scarves and always wore them as a part of her wardrobe. However, one particular day while she was riding a Bugatti, one of her beloved scarves that she wore got entangled in the wheels and turned her into a human slingshot leading her neck to break. Eventually this lead to her death. This one on the lost is one of the Extraordinary 10 Death Cases.


2. Grilled to death

Grilled to death is among Greatest 10 Death Cases
Grilled to death

St Lawrence was one of the seven deacons of the city of Rome, Italy under Pope St Sixtus II and had a pretty interesting death. Pope sixtus demanded that Lawrence should hand over all his wealth to the church …but he denied and began handing his wealth to the poorer people of his society willy nilly. This made the pope angry and he placed st Lawrence on a grill iron and positioned him over hot burning coal as punishment of defying his orders. surprisingly Lawrence was alive to make a joke on his death bed as he said ‘ turn me over, I am done on this side’ …and died couple of minutes later. This one on the lost is one of the Bizarre Death Cases.



1. Raining cows

Raining cows is among Amazing 10 Death Cases
Raining cows

At number 1 of Bizarre Death Cases, we have raining cows. This might sound straight out of a fictional book but we can guarantee that this is indeed true. In 2013, a 45 year old man named Joao Maria De Souza, was killed in his sleep. During the night time, he and his wife were asleep , when a cow weighing 1400 kgs fell on to him through his roof. The wife was unharmed and so was the cow but unfortunately De Souza dies couple of hours following that incident. The cow was reported to have escaped from local farm and somehow managed to climb up to the roof. The roof couldn’t handle the weight of the cattle and collapsed immediately. This one on the lost is one of the Bizarre Death Cases, we have.


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