facebook 360 degree photos

Everything you need to know about Facebook 360 degree photos

Facebook 360 degree photos

Remember when panorama was the new thing? Panorama images helped people capture an entire eye’s view (horizontal). Well, that is a thing of past as it has been replaced successfully with another cool thing! The biggest and the most popular social networking site have recently launched an amazing feature. This cool feature is making heads turn and making its way up to the trending list. 360 degree photos / images / videos are the new best thing about Facebook.  Facebook 360 degree photos allow users to get an amazing experience of them almost being there as they view the video / image. So let’s check out the cool features of Facebook 360 degree photos and what the fuss is all about.

facebook 360 degree photos

Everything you need to know about Facebook 360 degree photos

What it helps with

It helps the users to show the whole 360 degree area of the photo and not just front. (Including up, down, sideways, vertical, horizontal). This is an amazing feature that Facebook has added and is yet to be popular like normal images. Although, Internet explorer users are not able to enjoy this feature, chrome users can view these easily. Internet explorer users don’t get your hopes down yet! The solution to your problem is given below on ‘’ how it works’’ section.  Celebs are using this technology to show their lifestyle, vloggers are using it to modify their content, entertainment and technology has collided this time.

There is FACEBOOK page dedicated to this feature and contains all the greatest Facebook 360 degree photos ever created. Check the page out here. It contains videos from CNN, BBC News, Nat Geo and even the international space station (ISS).

Who can get it?

All Facebook users can view these kinds of images and enjoy. However, only some proportion of the Facebook users can upload suck images yet. IOS users have been updated with a new 360 degree image update that helps in taking such pictures. Touchscreen is the most ideal platform to view these kind of videos / images where one can easily drag and or pinch (zoom in, zoom out) the video to view desired part.  Desktop users can view these kinds of images with the help of a computer mouse and by dragging the pointer to the desired location. This feature is available in all leading internet browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome browser.  If you can’t access Facebook 360 degree photos over your device, make sure you have an updated version of it.

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How it works

It helps the person sitting miles away to see things through the uploader’s eye.  Even though these files are bigger in size than normal video files… but they are worth every megabyte of it and make our experience better. There are 360 degree metadata apps specifically engineered for MAC as well as Windows users that help in making these kinds of videos. Also there are virtual reality 3Dimentional camera headsets for smart phones that can help in taking the videos. Not only it is easy to film but Facebook 360 degree photos are easy to upload too. The upload procedure might take time due to the relatively larger file size but a cool technology like this makes the wait and the extra data worth it. There are tutorials over Facebook as well as YouTube that teach users to upload and record Facebook 360 degree photos. And honestly, it is easier than one might think. Everyone with an updated internet browser can view these images in Facebook except Internet Explorer Users. IE users can instead watch the 360 videos on YouTube! Yes, now one can scroll though the video to see the sky or the ground underneath.  So those who can’t see it on Facebook, see it over YouTube.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch on 10th of June 2016 and added a 360 degree video inside Supreme Court of United States. The video got viral as soon as it was uploaded. YouTube as well as Facebook is flooding with this type of Facebook 360 degree photos which are not only amazing to look at but are hella Cool. This is an amazing leap towards virtual reality.  Rooting for holograms that pop out of phone screens for virtual reality experience is not too far-fetched now, is it?

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