Worst dismissals in Cricket history featured

Worst dismissals in Cricket history –Funniest ways of getting out

Worst dismissals in Cricket history –Funniest ways of getting out

Getting out in a cricket match has never been a pleasing phenomenon for the batsmen however the score mark they get stuck on might somehow lessen their grief. Another factor that plays a major role in saving a batsman’s self-esteem is the way he gets dismissed. Usually a player getting bravely out while trying to clear a boundary rope is not considered to be of much infamy while getting out trying something unnecessary never gets appreciated. Run out still gets called as one of the worst dismissals in cricket mainly because it involves, in most of the cases, idiocy from the other end batsman.

Worst dismissals in Cricket history 1

However apart from run outs, still there are some of the worst dismissals in cricket world which cannot be conceded without having a laugh on it. Check out the most bizarre and obviously funniest ways of getting out in cricket history.

Worst dismissals in Cricket history

Sachin Tendulkar’s “Arm before Wicket”:

Wait what! Arm before wicket? Yes you read it absolutely right, although it was written as the customary leg before the wicket. While misjudging a short delivery from Glenn McGrath, the little master Sachin Tendulkar gets himself low in the way of wicket allowing the ball to hit the rare part of his limb. On an appeal for lbw or should we call it an “abw”, umpire shows no hesitation giving him out.  The lows of being a “little master”.

Inzamam Ul Haq and his weight problems:

Popularly known for his bad running between the wickets and eventually getting run out, Inzamam Ul Haq had other forms of worst dismissals in cricket as well. For example going for a sweep on a Monty Panesar delivery and crushing the stumps with his body in the process.


Chris Read’s misread:

The former England national team wicket keeper who currently represents Nottinghamshire was yet another pray of one of the worst dismissals in cricket history. While misjudging a slow Yorker with his eyes totally off the ball, Chris gets bowled in the most bizarre ways ever. Now you know the importance of the eye to ball coordination.

When Inzamam goes for Baseball:

Pakistan and India cricket matches have always been full of agony and nervousness not for the playing teams but for the entire nations. And in such crucial games, getting the opponents’ wicket in whatever manner possible is a blessing. Same went for Inzamam Ul Haq who became the obstructed the field victim of Suresh Raina’s throw on the wicket providing us the base for yet another worst dismissals in cricket history.


That mix up though:

While on the crease apart from hitting the ball another most important thing is to keep rotating the strike. And for a smooth rotation batsmen need to have an organized coordination among them. If not so, something as given in the clip happens. And for the record, Chanderpaul was the batsman leaving the crease in the end.

Andrew Symonds: catch Chaminda Vaas, “bowled Michael Clarke”:

Run out is not the only way your partner can trap you up into. In one of the worst dismissals in cricket, Andrew Symonds gets caught at cover after the ball hits the non-striker Michael Clarke and goes flying to Chaminda Vaas who gratifyingly completes the catch.


Kevin Pietersen and the brutal helmet:

Helmets are meant to be worn by batsmen for their safety while facing fast and pacey deliveries in cricket. However in Pietersen’s case his safety gadget became the reason for his depart. Although it had done its job brilliantly because that ball could have easily injured him.

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