YouTube Tricks

Top 10 YouTube Tricks and Hacks

Top 10 YouTube Tricks and Hacks

YouTube is one of the most popular websites and for good reasons. Due to the great variety in the content available which means everyone is happy in their time spent on YouTube. An average person spends 25 minutes a day on YouTube which might be small but when considering all the users, its more than 2.9 billion hours a month! Considering how often we are on YouTube, some tricks and hacks are always appreciated. So here are Top 10 YouTube Tricks and Hacks.

YouTube Tricks
YouTube Tricks

Top 10 YouTube Tricks and Hacks

10. Customizing the ads you see

At number 10 in YouTube Tricks and Hacks is Customizing the ads you see. We all hate having to wait 5 seconds to skip an ad and it’s even worse when you have to watch the whole thing in order to watch a video. While this feature doesn’t completely remove the ads but it lets you decide which ads you don’t want to watch. You have to go to Ad Preferences and select what you don’t want. It might sounds useless but atleast you don’t have to see ads on penis enlargement every time you play a video.

9. Comparing Load Speeds

YouTube Tricks

At number 9 in YouTube Tricks and Hacks is Comparing Loads Speeds with the rest of the world. It doesn’t have any specific use but it’s interesting comparing your load speed with the rest of the world. Those with really good internet plan also can show off to others. Also it throws at interesting study as to the average net connections of various part of the world and be blown by some of those numbers.

8. Editing Videos on YouTube

At number 8 in YouTube Tricks and Hacks is Editing Videos on YouTube. Everyone can use YouTube to upload videos and not everyone have their hands on shiny new editing software that takes months just to learn how to use it. So it’s smart to have embedded a video editor on YouTube itself. It allows to add multiple videos, trim videos to desired length, add effects and filters and a background music track from YouTube’s library, pretty Neat.

7. Play the Snake Game

At number 7 in YouTube Tricks and Hacks is Playing the Snake game. Back when we didn’t have Playstore, Windows Store or iOS store filled to the brim with games, the snake game was the staple for all phones out there and damn wasn’t that fun. You can play it on YouTube too by holding down the left or right button. Considering how irritating it is to wait for a video too buffer, the next time you will atleast be playing something while you wait for the video to load.

6. Watch What You are Feeling

At number 6 is Watch What You are Felling. There is a hidden feature on YouTube called the Moodwall. With the help of various keywords, specific phrases and tags, the folks at YouTube have developed an algorithm that can separate the various videos into different moods. No matter what you are feeling, be it crazy, angry, sad, passionate or anything else, YouTube has a bunch of videos for you. There are also many mood options on the left to select from and if you can’t find any that fits you, then clicking on any of those options twice will reveal a new mood option to explore videos.

5. Only Use Your Keyboard

At number 5 is Only Use Your Keyboard. Let’s face it, there are some days when you just don’t want to make any effort, even the effort to use your keyboard and mouse together. For those days, this is the perfect solution. Lean Back allows you to use YouTube with just your keyboard. That includes the browsing, playing, liking, commenting and sharing, everything with just your keyboard.

4. Making Automatic Playlists

At number 4 in YouTube Tricks and Hacks is Making Automatic Playlists. Making Playlists is one of the most useful features of YouTube, we can use group out favorite music videos, stand up videos or anything we want in a concise manner. But making a playlist can be an effort, especially if you have to individually add many videos. Enter YouTube Disco, which creates a playlist based on the artist you want. It does a good job at making a playlist by selecting the popular videos of that artist.

3. Link to Specific Playback Point

At number 3 is Link to Specific Playback Point. On many occasions we want someone to see a particular part of the video, so it would be a waste for letting them sit through the entire thing before that part comes. So YouTube allows to Link to Specific Playback Points by typing “#t=” at the end of the url of the video followed by required minute (m) and seconds (s). E.g., #t=04m56s for 4:56 in the video. This is especially useful for YouTubers who upload a video on various topics and they want to allow users to skip to their desired topic.

2. Play Videos in Slow Motion

At number 2 is Playing Videos in Slow Motion. Everything is funnier, crazier or sometimes creepier of its in slow motion. YouTube allows watching video in Slow Motion by pressing down on the spacebar key. Also for further slowing down one can use HTML 5 Video Player of YouTube to further slow the video to 1/4th the speed.

1. Load Videos Faster

At number 1 in YouTube Tricks and Hacks is Loading Videos Faster. What we wouldn’t give just for that video to buffer a little faster, so this is probably the biggest hack for YouTube available right now. This software called Feather which is still in beta can increase the loading speed significantly. It does by cutting off all the useless parts of a YouTube webpage like comments, expandable boxes, etc. Not only does it feel faster and better, it also has a simple vibe which is great to use.

 These are some of the best tricks and hacks that make your everyday YouTube experience better or more comfortable.

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