Top 10 Science Themed YouTube Channels

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While most people might dismiss the Science themed YouTube channels as boring, bland and for nerds, they are actually some of the most interesting and awesome channels on YouTube that combined awesome and funny presentation along with real information and facts about science. Here we take a look at the Top 10 Science themed YouTube channels.

Top 10 Science Themed YouTube Channels

List of Top 10 Science Themed YouTube Channels
Top 10 YouTube Channels dedicated to Science

Grab onto your test tube holders and aprons as we take you through the best of them all. Not only are they an interesting way to learn more about science but these channel also post videos that combined their love for science and the love for pop fiction like,” What if Superman Punched you?”, “How heavy is Thor’s hammer?”, etc.

10. The Backyard Scientist

The Backyard Scientist had redefined Youtube science experiments
The Backyard Scientist – redefining science experiments

At number 10 in science themed YouTube channels is The Backyard Scientist. Sometimes instead of learning, looking at some YouTube science experiments sound more awesome and that is what The Backyard Scientist tries to accomplish. It carries out experiments which most adults wouldn’t even dare like dry ice exploding in a pool, molten aluminum being poured in various medium and even molten salt being poured in water.

The Backyard scientist is one of the highest subscribed Science based YouTube channels and their experiments are all crazy and way out of proportions and that is what makes it so fun. Also the underlying explanation is not only satisfactory but also helps us understand the crazy things result in this over the top experiments. This is one channel you can never get bored of as there is one crazy experiment after another.

9. Sick Science!

 Sick Science! is one of the best science youtube channels
Sick Science! – by Steve Spangler

At number 9 is Sick Science! For those who are not much interested in staring at your monitor and learning about science but rather do fun experiments with daily household objects and learn science through those experiments, then this one out of science based YouTube channels will be your new love. The channel is created by a science teacher Steve Spangler and through his awesome videos you can see how much he loves science and makes you like science as well.

Because the whole premise of this channel is science through weird, interesting experiments, this channel appeals to everyone from children to old people. To name some of the famous videos of this channel are “Color Changing Milk”, ”The Shrinking Chip Bag” and more. It’s surprise that this fun channel has more than half a million subscribers.

8. Science Channel

Science channel is amongst the list of best science themed youtube channels
Science channel – For hardcore science fans

At number 8 in science themed YouTube channels is The Science Channel. The Science Channel is for those who really want to understand science without staring at books. Also how things work, various earth science topics, how things are made are covered in this channel. The channel mainly deals with space and astronomy and thus appeals to those who want to know more about out cosmos. It has 774,250+ subscribers as of now.

Their playlist is one of the best one when it comes to science related videos. And they are also entertaining enough to actually make you binge watch science, crazy right? It is one of the best science themed YouTube channels.

7. Smarter Everyday

Smarter Everyday has changed the face ofyoutube science education
Smarter Everyday by Destin Sandlin

At number 7 of YouTube science education channels is Smarter Every day. It is one of those few channels that capture the beauty of science and makes it really interesting to watch and learn. With topics ranging from Physics to Zoology and everything in between, it has garnered over 4 million subscribers and more than 300 million total views.

Its creator Destin Sandlin was one of the four YouTube personalities that got chosen to conduct a one-on-one interview with Barrack Obama. And also as the name suggests, watching this channel actually makes you smarter every day.

6. Periodic Videos

Periodic Table of Videos makes youtube science videos for kids
Periodic Table of Videos by Brady Haran

At number 6 in science channel YouTube is Periodic Videos. This is produced by Brady Haran, who is a former BBC journalists and features various professors from University of Nottingham. As the name suggests, the channel initially began with the motive to make a video on each of the elements in the periodic table.

Now that the mission is complement, the videos uploaded on the channel are generally related to chemistry showing the reaction of various substances. While studying chemical reaction might be boring because of all the formulas but seeing them react is a totally different case.

5. Vsauce

Vsauce makes best science videos
Vsauce by Michael Steven

At number 5 in science themed YouTube channels is Vsauce. Vsauce is among the largest science themed channels on YouTube. It has two more offspring channels with the name Vsauce 2 and Vsauce 3 each of which has millions of subscribers. The original Vsauce channel even to this day remains one of the highest subscribed science shows on YouTube. It has more than 10 million subscribers and a total view count of over a billion.

What makes Vsauce really amazing is its creator and host Michael Steven. He really has a great way to get all our attention hooked on him and he doesn’t let go till the video ends. He is one of the richest YouTubers ever. Apart from the various scientific topics, the channel also covers popular topics like gaming, technology and culture.

4. Veritasium

Veritasium is among best science youtube channels
Veritasium by Derek Muller

At number 4 in science themed YouTube channels is Veritasium. Veritasium is one of the best informational YouTube channels created by Derek Muller. The channel is a landmark among the science themed channels.

Not only does it do the usual videos on various topics, it also does dramatization, songs, interview with experts ( event the 2011 Physics Nobel Laureate) and various interviews with general public to uncover the various misconception with science. The channel is a hit among science lovers and no wonder it has more than 3.6 million subscribers.


AsapSCIENCE is among best informational youtube channels
AsapSCIENCE by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown

At number 3 is AsapSCIENCE. AsapSCIENCE is probably among the most successful science educational channels on YouTube in terms of subscribers with more than 5.6 million subscribers. This extremely popular channel was created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown from Canada. The channel regularly posts videos on YouTube. They cover various subjects like evolution, thought mechanism, brain power, effect of drugs, etc which are the staple for most science channels.

They carry them along with unique topics as well like Love, hair loss, porn addiction, etc. Along with the interesting topics the animations are also really flashy and help to make the viewer both interested as well as make it easier to understand. It is one of the best science YouTube channels.

2. Minute Physics

Minute Physics is among science shows on youtube
Minute Physics by Henry Reich

At number 2 in science themed YouTube channels is Minute Physics created by Henry Reich. Minute Physics in one of the most popular educational channels on YouTube. And has even been featured on PBS NewsHour, Huffington Post, NBC and Gizmodo. The channel as the name suggests teaches about various topics in Physics using time-elapsed drawing.

The catch is that everything will be explained in only a minute. Not only is this really fast and efficient way to learn about anything but the interesting topics, animated best science videos and easy narration makes sure that it can be followed by everyone.

1. SciShow

Scishow is number 1 science channel youtube
Scishow by Hank Green

At number 1 in science themed YouTube channels is SciShow. SciShow is the perfect science educational channel on YouTube. Because while teaching any topic, it still remains entertaining to watch unlike the traditional lectures of teachers. Scishow also makes YouTube science videos for kids.

This channel is the brainchild of veteran blogger, Hank Green. And as of now has more than 3.7 million subscribers worldwide. The videos appeal to both the students and the teachers. And also to the casual viewers who want to know about any specific topic without getting bored by all the jargon words and complex laws.

These are some of the best Science Themed YouTube Channels that educate people about science in their own unique and fun ways.

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