Top 10 Ideal Movies For Date Nights

Top 10 Ideal Movies For Date Nights

Top 10 Ideal Movies For Date Nights

A dinner date at a pretty restaurant followed by a long walk back home seems like quite a decent date, but you can NOT put a price tag on a date night which includes cuddling under the blanket with the perfect movie and just the right amount of snacks to nibble on! Movie date nights are the perfect way of spending a quality time with your partner minus the awkward silences, provided the right movie is playing. You don’t want a chick flick or a hardcore action movie; a combination of the two topped with some humour and sarcasm, and voila! Here are Top 10 Ideal Movies For Date Nights which will bring you and your partner a whole lot comfier and closer!

Top 10 Ideal Movies For Date Nights
Top 10 Ideal Movies For Date Nights

Top 10 Ideal Movies For Date Nights

10. Valentine’s Day

Don’t let the title fool you for a second, this one of the Top 10 Ideal Movies For Date Nights is not a run on the mill movie in the least! With a stellar line up of some of the hottest stars of Hollywood, this movie has literally got the sugar, spice and everything nice! We’ve got the charming Bradley Cooper, the beautiful Anne Hathaway, the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson, the smoking hot Patrick Dempsey, the puppy dog Ashton Kutcher and a hoard of other actors and actresses. The plot revolves around many couples, each of which has a unique story; and even though not all of them have happy endings, this movie will leave you and your partner smiling and all ready for cuddles!

9. Sleepless in Seattle

This movie is one of the Top 10 Ideal Movies For Date Nights which shows just how impulsive good movies can make us. On Christmas Eve, eight-year-old Jonah (Ross Malinger) calls in to a radio talk show and convinces his father Sam (Tom Hanks) to go on air to talk about how much he misses his deceased wife, Maggie. Hundreds of woman are touched by his story and write to him, thus fulfilling Jonah’s innocent desire to find his grieving father a woman. The subtle humour, the romance and the brilliant music tracks in this drama makes it ideal for date nights with some wine and a box of chocolates.

8. The Ugly Truth

No matter how much you try, you can’t hate this film- yes, the truth IS ugly. Abby Richter (portrayed by Katherine Heigl), a girl who loves Chicken Soup for the Soul suddenly crosses path with the egoistic, male chauvinist, Mike Chadway (played by Gerard Butler) and all hell runs loose. Mike “helps” Abby become the “girl that all men love”, and in the process falls in love with her himself! The initial rocky relationship that the two go through gradually evolves into a passionate situation after a steamy drink and dance at Las Vegas. The ending might seem somewhat predictable, but the storyline will nonetheless keep you entertained throughout- which, let’s agree, is what is perfect for a date night!

7. Up

One word: Pixar. So how bad can the movie really be? In retrospect, this is one of the best animated films there is, and should definitely be  one of the Top 10 Ideal Movies For Date Nights! With the right blend of funny dialogues, tearful moments and an engaging plot, Up can be enjoyed thoroughly with a big tub of ice-cream! The movie is the brave exploit of one Carl, who, wait-for-it, converts his house into an aircraft thingy with the help of a thousand balloons and journeys all the way to the Paradise Falls, just as he had promised his late wife Ellie that he would. The film will leave you all teary eye-d and is therefore number 7 on the Ideal Movies for date nights!

6. About Time

Afraid of going on blind dates? This one of the Top 10 Ideal Movies For Date Nights might change your mind. You see, our 21-year-old protagonist, Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson), meets the pretty Mary (Rachel McAdams) in a literal blind date in a Dans le Noir restaurant where the two flirt over dinner and are immediately attracted to each other. The end of the night watches them exchanging numbers but as fate would have it, Tim messes up. Not the ordinary messing up though. We have summer romances, family gatherings (Rufus Scrimgeour is Tim’s Dad, guys!), sweet absent-minded uncles, douchebag boyfriends  and heart-breaking decisions -all of it in that oh-so-good British accent. If you’re looking for ideal movies for date nights, this one is sure to leave you the perfect mixture of teary-eyed and mushy.

5. Deadpool

What is a superhero movie doing in the list of Ideal Movies for date nights you ask? Deadpool is perhaps the only superhero film which has the superior diction (read: abuses) that it does, complete with all the jazz of action and romance and topped with the delicious Ryan Reynolds. This movie has, as the opening credits so entertainingly shows, a British villain, a hot damsel, and even few X-men! It definitely is a perfect date night movie as long as you’re okay with the plenty crudeness and very GoT-y scenes!

4. Begin Again

All the music lovers out there, this movie is one of the most ideal movies for date nights when it comes to you! Who knew the pretty Keira Knightly has such a soulful singing voice? Music isn’t the only theme in this movie though, the romance and the very passion to strive through the odds of life with “your world and a bag by your side”, is what makes the movie perfect for a watching with your date! You get to see a struggling music producer and how a small town girl saves him, but not in the typical romantic way. All you need is a shoulder to rest on while you hum along to the beautiful numbers which accompany the movie! *wink wink*

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

If you were blown away by Kate Winslet in Titanic, her acting in this movie will show you that she ain’t only a posh rich girl on a cruise. ESotSM is perhaps the most unconvensional movie about “love”. The basic concepts of infatuation, relationships and forever-afters are revisited in this movie in a manner so unrealistic but, at the same time, skeptical that your mind will be in a constant whirlwind throughout the length of this brilliant movie.

2. Before We Go

Chris Evans’ debute direntional definitely takes up the second spot on the list of ideal movies for date nights. Why? Let’s review. Hot Chris with a beard that is to die for? Check. Pretty blonde with a good sense of humour? Check. Ample drama? Check. Trumpet? Check. Romance? Check. Fortune teller? Check. A little jazz (literally) and a lot of art (classics and otherwise)? Check. Some good natured sarcasm and cheek? Check. Honestly, what else do you need for a date night? Lets just say that the ending will definitely leave you and your partner in an animated debate!

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This movie will leave you happy and sad, laughing and tearful, nostalgic and undesirous, all at the same time. Logan Lerman plays an amazing protagonist, and compliments Emma Watson as Sam just perfectly. The story is not an usual one, with subtle twists and relatable emotions. Some of the dialogues are pretty deep (or as Joey would say, “wisdomous”) and adds a kind of surreal element to the whole experience. So if you’re looking for a movie which will make the date a little more interesting and leave you feeling a happy kind of sadness, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is your go-to; and believe me, at the end of the movie, the two of you will definitely feel “infinite”.

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