Top 10 Disturbing Horror Movies

Disturbing Horror Movies

Top 10 Disturbing Horror Movies

Horror movies are of many types, some tense to make the viewer fear by the tension it creates on screen, others use a more obvious method of ghosts or demons; others use creepy setting to employ the effect while some use gore and disturbing visuals. Here we countdown the Top 10 Disturbing Horror Movies that not only manage to scare the hell out of anyone but also leave a disturbing impression.

Disturbing Horror Movies
Disturbing Horror Movies

Top 10 Disturbing Horror Movies

10. The Exorcist

At number 1 in Disturbing Horror Movies is The Exorcist. The Exorcist is hands down one of the most scariest movies of all time, with enough scares to make a grown man whimper like a kid while watching in a dark theatre or watching it alone in the confines of his room. It’s that scary. But that doesn’t mean it is without its fair share of disturbing scenes. From little girl masturbating using a crucifix, her head spinning in 360 degrees and the spider crawl by Regan down the stairs, the movie is sure to leave you disturbed.

9. The Orphanage

At number 9 in Disturbing Horror Movies is The Orphanage. This movie is probably one of the most depressing movies of all time. With haunting images of kids with special needs like that of a kid with a sack over his head, plenty of jump scares, gothic imagery and a climax that is disturbing and emotionally draining, it’s high unlikely that someone will brave it to watch it again.

8. Insidious

At number 8 is Insidious. With the basic premise being a family haunted supernatural being that follows the father wherever he goes, might seem a bit clichéd but stay with it and you discover a movie that can genuinely scare the living daylights out of you. It has plenty of jump scares, demons which are probably some of the scariest movie demons of all time and the creepy show dance scene; it has everything to make sure that you do not want to brave it twice.

7. Maniac

At number 7 in Disturbing Horror Movies is Maniac. A horror movie about a serial killer has been a tried and tested thing in the Hollywood but what separates this from the rest is that this movie is show in first person view of the killer, played by Elijah Wood to perfection. This first per view adds a lot of dynamic to the murders and disturbing scenery. Also the protagonist’s obsession with store mannequins is also really disturbing.

6. The Girl Next Door

At number 6 is The Girl Next Door. The basic story of the movie itself is really disturbing, its about the horrific ordeal of a young girl who is sexually, mentally and physically tortured by a woman while staying at her residence. What even more disturbing is that the movie is based on a real event, of what happened to young girl who stayed with a crazy neighbor while her parents ran off to join the circus.  With gruesome imagery like that of a girl being assaulted with a coke bottle, one child torturing another and more, this is not a movie for the feeble hearted.

5. The Last House on the Left

At number 5 in Disturbing Horror Movies is The Last House on the Left. Considered a classic and a cult movie, its more famous scene is also one of its most disturbing scenes and that is a long graphic rape scene of two girls in the woods.  And what’s even more disturbing is by the end of the movie you will also enjoy a certain sadistic pleasure in watching the rapists getting tortured for their crimes. Edgy, raw and disturbing is what this movie can be described as.

4. Hostel

At number 4 in Disturbing Horror Movies is Hostel. Hostel belongs to a genre of horror gore porn that caters to a niche market who are fans of gory movies. The movie is about three American frat boys who while travelling across Europe get caught up in human hunting and what unfolds is enough to mentally scar you for life. The plot is basically can excuse for all the torture that follows which is way too graphic and raw.

3. The Human Centipede: First and Final Sequence

At number 3 in Disturbing Horror Movies is The Human Centipede. You don’t even need to watch the movie to cringe away in disgust, just the poster is enough for that. The movie is about the mad experiments of a crazy sadistic scientist who sews three subjects’ mouths to anus to form a long digestive tract. If that was not disturbing enough, the first time you see one of the victims have a bowel movement is sure to make disturbed as hell.

2. Antichrist

At number in this list of Disturbing Horror Movies is Antichrist, directed by Lars Von Trier is a horror/drama movie that also falls in the category of experimental film. The movie shows the story of a couple, whose infant son falls out of the windows to his death while his parents were having sex in the adjacent room. In order to find solace from the grief, they decide to go to a cabin. What follows is a disturbing story about violent sexual behavior and sadomasochism. The camera work really stands out in this film.

1. A Serbian Film

Serbian Film, directed by Srdjan Spasojevic was banned in Spain, Finland, Portugal, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Norway, this itself speaks volume about how deranged and disturbing it is. The movie follows the story of a retired porn actor, who is signed to act in an art film. But to his surprise he is forced to be part of a movie which involves violence, necrophilia and pedophilia. In case you are still wondering that it might not be that bad, it has even an infant rape scene.

While some of the movies on this list might not be as scary as others films but these are downright the most disturbing horror movies ever made. Some of these movies are just mere excuses to depict disturbing imagery on screen.

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