Top 10 Coolest Offices Worldwide

List of coolest offices worldwide

Today’s world is really competitive and nowhere is this more apparent than the places where we work. There is a race to bag projects, to win approval and get promoted all the while making sure that you don’t get fired. It’s a really hectic life to be in. Having a really cool office not only makes the employees want to come to work but also takes their mind off from the pressure of work. Here are the Top 10 Coolest Offices Worldwide.

Top 10 Coolest Offices Worldwide

Top 10 Coolest Offices Worldwide
Top 10 Coolest Offices Worldwide

So in order to make our times less excruciating at work, many companies offer options like work from home, flexible work hours but one of the most important is a really cool office.

10. Dreamhost – La Brea

Located in Brea, California Is one of the Coolest offices in the US
Dreamhost la-brea Located in Brea, California.

At number 10 in Coolest Offices Worldwide is Dreamhost office in La Brea. This office is designed by the same people who designed the revolutionary Facebook HQ(which is present later in our list). The whole cubicle style not only hinders communication but also limits the visualisation as it creates a feeling of being trapped. Hence Dreamhost has done away with the cubicle style and adopted a more open style of working. Large open spaces for work along with enough places to relax and eat along with large glass windows instead of fluorescent lighting has made it really stand out.

9. Lego – Denmark

lego-office denmark Is one of the Coolest corporate offices
lego-office Denmark based in Billund, Denmark

At number 9 is Lego office in Denmark. If you grew up fascinated with Lego and wanted to live your entire life playing with them then you should probably work in the Lego office of Denmark. People there are definitely living the dream as the office is designed so that anyone can play Lego anytime so that they can come up with something new. This office gives a new meaning to the term “work and play” and is one of those offices you can’t stay away from.

8. ThinkGarden – Milan

ThinkGarden Is one of the coolest offices to work in
Think Garden located in Milan, Italy

At number 8 in Coolest Offices Worldwide is ThinkGarden in Milan. While working all the time trapped in our cubicles, we lose our contact with nature. While building might have trees and plants outside but most of the time employee are working inside. So ThinkGarden has solved this by using stone shaped bean bags and having large plants, flowers and trees inside the office itself. Also, the walls of the office provide an illusion that we are right in the middle of a wonderful forest! It definitely is one of the greenest and coolest corporate offices.

7. Pallota TeamWorks – Los Angeles

Pallota TeamWorks Is one of the unique and interesting workplaces
Pallota TeamWorks located in Los Angeles

At number 7 in Coolest Offices Worldwide is Pallota TeamWorks office in Los Angeles. What’s special about it is the fact that this wonder was made on a budget of $40 per square feet. This made the designer think outside the box and the end result is one of the coolest offices to work in. Shipping containers were customized in order to create office space inside the large warehouse. This made the office really great looking aesthetically while being also cheap.

6. KBP West Office – San Francisco

KBP West Office Is one of the Offices you can’t stay away from
KBP West Office located in San Francisco

At number 6 in Coolest Offices Worldwide is KBP West Office in San Francisco. It is one of the coolest offices in the US and for good reasons. The architecture of this building is really unique with sliding walls in between the three wings which can be slid in order to create a single large conference room. Add to that bizarre shaped room, chalkboard walls, wooden swivel chairs and you have a creative office for the creative folks, Since this is an advertising company and employees are required to be creative all the time, this office certainly helps.

5. Dtac Headquarters – Bangkok

Dtac Headquarters Is one of the Coolest Offices you can brag about
Dtac Headquarters located in Bangkok

At number 5 in Coolest Offices Worldwide is Dtac Headquarters in Bangkok.  This is one of the coolest offices you can brag about working in.  The approach here is to play and learn which is effective and fun at the same time. Because the focus here is to maximize communications, it has library amphitheatre, conversation pit, picnic table and an entire floor dedicated to fun with indoor soccer, table tennis, running track and even concert space!

4. Comvert – Milan

Comvert Is one of the Coolest offices in Europe
Comvert located in Milan

At number is 4 is Comvert. Comvert is an alternate clothing line whose HQ in Milan is among the coolest offices in Europe. For a company that flourishes on art and fashion, no wonder the office is such a piece of art. The office was built on abandoned cinema. Due to that, it is big enough to have an office, warehouse and even a shop upfront! But after that, they had a dilemma regarding what to do with the room upstairs where people used to sit for a movie. So they came up with an indoor skate bowl because why not!

3. YouTube – San Bruno

 YouTube office Is one of the Most Fun offices you can work in
YouTube office located in San Bruno

At number 3 is YouTube office is San Bruno. The company was bought by Google for a staggering $1.65 billion despite the fact that it doesn’t earn that much. YouTube is the most popular video uploading and sharing platform on the world and is used by almost everyone in creative and non-creative fields. The fact that it is owned by Google is the reason why it has one of the best offices in the world. One of the most unique and interesting workplaces in the world, it has large pools, gaming, segway riding, eating and gym to name a few.

2. Facebook – Paulo Alto

facebook office Is one of the Best offices to work and play
facebook office located in Paulo Alto

At number 2 in Coolest Offices Worldwide is Facebook in Paulo Alto. The Facebook office is definitely one of the best offices to work and play. One of the best things about this office is the fact that they conduct polls among employees to know what they want in the office. The results are surprising and make us employees worldwide green with envy. The office has everything from large relaxing areas, a place to skate and to even try to be DJ. Yes, you heard that right! Instead of letting your colleague listen to your awesome playlist, you can also pick up some mixing skills and make your colleague groove to your music. No wonder people at Facebook work so hard and the company is one of the most valued in the world.

1. Google Office – Zurich

Google Office Is one of the Best offices to work and play
Google Office located in Zurich

At number 1 in Coolest Offices Worldwide is Google Office in Zurich. Google is the place to be if you are interested in computers. Not only does working in Google is something to be proud of but the fact that Google really treasures it’s employees is another major plus. Google Offices are among the most fun offices you can work in. The fact that Google has so many resources, it puts it to good use to create an atmosphere that is relaxing so that staff can refresh and relax. The fact that Google is a product based company, it needs the creativity of its employees and thus such elaborate offices.  Also one of the best things about Google Office is the rule, ”Nobody is allowed to be 100m away from food”.

To attract the best and the brightest of any industry doesn’t only require giving away fat payments but also help create an atmosphere of creativity.  So having a cool office is a must for the biggest companies of the world as they want the most of the creative output of their employees. This is the reason why some of the biggest companies also have some of the Coolest Offices Worldwide.

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