Top 10 Best PlayStation Characters – Power Ranking

Best playstation heroes of all time

For over two decades now, the PlayStation has been a part of our lives. You can safely bet that every single person who has ever played on this iconic Sony gaming console, will have their own set of best PlayStation characters. The original PlayStation, one of the best gaming consoles of all time, was released on 3 December 1994. And since then we’ve had hundreds of leading characters that were loved by the young and old alike. Imagine how difficult a task it is to come up with just 10 best PlayStation star characters that will be accepted by all gaming enthusiasts.  It almost borders on the impossible.

Best PlayStation Characters – Power Ranking

List of best playstation characters
Top 10 Best PlayStation Characters Of All Time

We’ve tried to list the 10 best characters that have appeared in various PlayStation games over time. Let us know if it matches yours.

10. Joel and Ellie

Joel And Ellie have their place in the list of sony characters
Joel And Ellie [The Last Of Us]

Yes, yes, we know. The “Last of Us” was arguably the best game in PS3 and many of you would argue that these two characters demand a better spot. The only reason why we placed these two at the bottom of the list is because the story of the game is still quite fresh in our minds. Joel and Ellie undeniably deserve a place in this list not only because of their superb voice modulation but also the attachment you feel while playing the game.

9. Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head is one of the best fighting game characters
Pyramid Head [Silent Hill]

Come on, admit it. This character from Silent Hill 2 gave you nightmares back at the time when you played it. Talk of the best PlayStation characters and you can’t leave out Pyramid Head. He was so popular that the character was introduced in other Silent Hill versions, even though it hardly made a sense why Pyramid Head was there at all. Close your eyes and you can still hear the sound of that unforgettable sword being dragged across the floor. Pyramid Head, over time, became the poster boy for all horror games on PlayStation; and also one of the most popular.

8. Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake is one of the best PlayStation characters 2016
Nathan Drake [Uncharted]

Uncharted has to be one of the best PlayStation games ever released, and Nathan Drake is surely among the best PlayStation characters ever to have garnered a following. He’s intelligent, brave and has the sharpest mouth in video gaming. Besides, Nolan North’s voice behind this cult action-adventure treasure hunt game makes Uncharted one of the most popular series. Nathan Drake is the man who kicks everybody’s butts. Uncharted 2 is considered the greatest PS3 game and the sixth all-time great after the legend of Mario and Zelda and all those Nintendo people.

7. Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper is featured in the best game for playstation 3
Sly Cooper [Thieves in Time]

He has to be among the best PlayStation characters. His name means what he is. The crafty Sly possess stealth, has a few crazy moves up his sleeves, and when that fails, can scum you to death with a seven-foot solid gold cane. He’s one of the leading PlayStation game characters and probably the best among many fans. Sly can unleash more than 20 moves and that’s one of the reasons why his game ranks cooler than others. Trust this man to enter Louvre, practice some Tango, gorge on a burger, whisk away Mona Lisa, sip on a cappuccino, and slip away unseen.

6. Cole MacGrath

Macgrath is one of the best playstation all stars characters
Cole Macgrath [Infamous]

Remember Sackboy? Harmless and cute? Well, Cole is just the opposite. He’s a badass antihero/hero. In fact, his superhero-like persona stuck around for years in Infamous, one of the top 10 PS2 games ever.  The game was really fantastic at the time of its release. Players had a nice feature to choose whether they wanted to play the hero or villain, and at the same time, unlock some absolutely different and awesome powers from the opposite end. Cole’s lightning blue or red transformation is still fresh in our memories and the story will never erase from the minds of PlayStation fanatics.

5. Lara Croft

Lara Croft is one of the female fighting game characters
Lara Croft [Tomb Raider]

Oh! Lara. This woman is an unmatched badass relic hunter. She scours dangerous areas all by herself. She knows how to shoot baddies while scorching the screen. Lara overhauled the concept of the action hero. She moulded the third person action-adventure platform into one of the most popular PS2 games of all times. We fondly remember the crazy fun through the caverns and caves, in hot pursuit of some lo-behold treasure. Lara Croft’s adventures spread over several platforms. You may argue that she deserves to be higher on the list of best PlayStation characters, but some of her later games were, well, lacking. She came back in the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot.

4. Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet And Clank are among the best PlayStation characters 2017
Ratchet And Clank [Into the Nexus]

The childhood heroes of many. There’s hardly anyone who never played Ratchet and Clank. Admit it, we’ve loved every single game of the series. Ratchet is a wonderful character who can manage to be friendly with kids and appealing to adults in the same vein. What more can you ask for? The list of PlayStation 2 games will be incomplete without these two. He’s cute, cool, funny, and awesome. Even Clank is no less cute with that little chuckle. But he could be dangerous as well sometimes, but certainly among the best PlayStation characters.

3. Kratos

Kratos is among the iconic playstation characters
Kratos [God Of War]

He’s the god of war, in God of War. Isn’t that enough to know him as a kickass guy? With that awesome face-body tattoo, he can really kill some gods in the best among all battle games. No wonder God War is probably the most gore-filled game ever, with ketchup spilling out from every corner of your screen. It’s also an extremely interesting story.  None can bring Kratos down to his knees, not even Zeus, the god of all gods who he brutally killed. His popularity could well rank God of War among the best PS4 games. It’ll be a sad day for all of us if he meets his end sometime in the future.

2. Solid Snake

Solid Snake is on the PlayStation iconic characters list
Solid Snake [Metal Gear]

Well, we can spot some raised eyebrows already.  He could have been number one. Metal Gear Solid was not exclusively meant for PlayStation. But Sony made the biggest impact on this game. Snake redefined the stealth game genre, particularly the action-packed third-person shooter. Metal Gear Solid went on to revolutionize PS1. And Snake’s service record? He defeated his clone siblings, saved the world from nuke firing bots, and fought giant-sized invisible robot octopus ladies. But he’s rapidly ageing and just fell short of the top spot.

1. Crash Bandicoot

Bandicoot is one of the best upcoming playstation characters
Crash Bandicoot – The Iconic PlayStation Mascot

Numero uno. An original video game character, Crash was PlayStation’s mascot in its battle with Mario (Nintendo) and Sonic (Sega). By far the most iconic character Sony was ever involved with. Nothing could dent its popularity. Last released in 2010 as Nitro Kart 2, Crash Bandicoot is all set to re-emerge next year in the Remastered Collection.  Fans are already populating the social media pages. Crash Bandicoot is legendary. No questions asked.

Some frayed tempers. Some teeth gnashing. Yeah, yeah, we knew that was coming. No Spyro the Dragon, No Jack and Daxter, no Cloud Strife. How could this be a top 10 list? Well, honestly, we couldn’t accommodate all of them. Two decades is a pretty long time and the role players were too many. We had a tough time zeroing down on these 10 (12 to be precise) and our scalps are already red with all that scratching. But many of those left out could return in a new avatar in the coming years and we have to recompile this list. For the time being, let us know what you feel about our list of best PlayStation characters ever, in the comment box below.

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