Top 10 Amazing Life Hacks

Amazing Life Hacks

Top 10 Amazing Life Hacks

Life is hard, and even on your happiest days it can turn it into a disappointment in mere seconds without you seeing it coming. While we cannot predict the future and prepare ourselves, what we can do is learn some really cool and useful hacks which can at least help us making the day a bit easier. These life hacks might seem menial but on a particular day they can be your lifesavers. Here are the Top 10 Amazing Life Hacks.

Amazing Life Hacks
Amazing Life Hacks

Top 10 Amazing Life Hacks

10. Studying Hack

At number 10 in Amazing Life Hacks is Studying Hack.  Everyone fears exams, be it the guy who aces it or the one barely trying to pass and all of them fear exams for one basic reasons, what if we can’t remember what we studied. While everyone has their own methods of studying and know what is good for them, here is a method that is scientifically proven to help you better remember things. A study has found that instead of using notes from others, making your own notes be it writing text and drawing diagrams helps you better understand and hence better remember when the time for test comes.

9. Onion Hack

At number 9 is Onion Hack. Tears while cutting onions is extremely annoying and the fact that we use Onions in a large number of dishes is a bigger pain, so here is the famous Onion Hack. Peel the onion and chop off its ends, then let it soak in cold water for 30 seconds. Then take them out and dice them without tears. You can also chew gums while cutting onion. that will help you as well.

8. Battery Hack

At number 8 in Amazing Life Hacks is Battery Hack. Not everyone organized enough to have spare batteries of every type in their houses for the crutch moments. If you suddenly need AA battery and all you have are AAA batteries and all the shops are closed or you don’t want to go outside because you are plain lazy, then all you have to do it put in the AAA batteries and put some aluminum foil between the battery and + pole.

7. Keyboard Cleaning Hack

At number 7 is Keyboard Cleaning Hack. Cleaning your keyboards can be a big pain. Many people buy blowers to clean the dust between the keys while some buy thin brushes but if you want a low cost hack for that then this is the one. Just use a piece of tape, simple as that. Stick the tape to the keys and all the dust and debris sticks to it.

6. Charging Hack

At number 6 in Amazing Life Hacks is Charging Hack. We often use are phone so much that be it for watching funny cat video, chatting with friends, listening to music or shopping that when we need to go out of the house , we barely have any charge left. So for those heavy users , this hack might be the difference between your phone making it all night or running out of juice as soon as you go out of your house. When charging your phone, put the phone on flight mode. This results in faster charging.

5. Running Hack

At number 5 in Amazing Life Hacks is the Running Hack. To all those people who recently started jogging and hate the stomach cramps after a good jogging session, this hack is for you. All you have to do is exhale every time your left foot touches the ground. This way you will not have stomach cramps at the end of your jogging. Pretty simple right?

4. Pizza Hack

At number 4 in Amazing Life Hacks is the Pizza Hack. Everyone loves pizza and often we have some leftover from our binge watching marathon or some party, which we put in the fridge to eat the next morning. The problem is, microwaving that pizza makes the crust chewy and if your are a crust person then that pizza is so ruined for you. Here is a useful hack, all you have to do is put a some water in glass and keep it with the pizza in the microwave. This keeps the crust crispy, you are welcome.

3. Wrinkled Shirt Hack

At number 3 is Wrinkled Shirt Hack. Everyone hates a wrinkled shirt and when you are on a rush and can wait for the Iron to get warm, all you have to do is put your shirt in the dryer with some ice cubes and a damp hand towel for 5 minutes and goodbye Wrinkles. If only removing wrinkles from faces was this easy.

2. Ice Pack Hack

At number 2 in Amazing Life Hacks is Ice Pack Hack. Considering how clumsy we have become because of all that junk food we consume and walking around the house staring at our Smartphone, tabs or kindles, we often injure ourselves and for that we often need an ice pack. The problems with ice packs are that they make the whole place a wet mess because of the dripping. Enter the Ice Pack hack, put a soaked sponge in the fridge and freeze it, put it in a bag and you have your own non-drip ice pack.

1. Elevator Hack

At number 1 in Amazing Life Hacks is the Elevator Hack. Life is all about meeting deadlines and being on time so anything that slows you down is a big pain and nothing slows you down like an Elevator stopping at every floor of a really tall building. This particular hack will be your lifesaver when you need to get to your destination floor faster without stopping in between at any floors. To do that you have to press the CLOSE >|< button and hold the button of your floor before the door closes. As soon as the door closes, release both the button to see yourself rise superfast to your destination.

Life Hacks are not only useful for saving your day but also make sure you don’t freak out before an important event. These are some of the Amazing life hacks and how to do them.

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