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Top 10 All-Time Richest cricketers in the world

Top 10 All-Time Richest cricketers in the world

Cricket in recent years has evolved a lot not just in its playing approach but also in glam terms. The involvement of glamour has made the game a lot more interesting for the fans and several times treasured for players. Cricketers are no more underprivileged class of professionals instead some of the richest cricketers are regarded as the richest athletes in the whole world. The advent of T20 cricket followed by the introduction of domestic T20 events all around the world involving loads of money has provided players with unlimited opportunity of filling their purse. Now a days, players prefer to hang their international cricket boots earlier so that they can give proper time to some of the lavish domestic level events.

Richest cricketers in the world Sachin Tendulkar

No doubt, cricket boards also provide players with sufficient coinage through their central contracts apart from the money contingent their playing performance. But domestic level cricket events especially T20 leagues around the world are unique in the way that these offer huge amounts of money in a very limited time span. The only reason players prefer to go into T20 leagues instead of sticking unto their national sides is that these T20 franchises offer bundles of money for a short interval event, making it a short cut for player to earn more. Usually richest cricketers in the world are the players considered to be the best performers. However this has changed a lot since the arrival of glam fact in the sport.

In fact now players with sharp body looks or another talent get more promotion than the rest. Richest cricketers earn almost half of their revenues through sponsorship deals as well as from fashion and commercial arena. Reputed extraordinarily high, best cricketers in the world has millions of fans around the world, making them stars. This incredible fan following loves to follow their favorite cricketing model’s wearing and sharing. Thus making the players global icons and most wanted personalities to the advertisers.

Richest cricketers in the world MS Dhoni

Richest cricketers in the world list mostly hail from Australia and India. The reason of dominance of the players from these two countries is again very much obvious. Both these countries possess the richest cricket boards in the world as well as tremendous amount of opportunities to earn from fashion and modeling world. Another factor, most popular T20 leagues are being organized in these two countries and as we have witnessed the owners of these T20 sides bid incredibly high for the local players as compared to the foreigners. The richest cricketers in the world both playing and retired) list as of today stands as follows.

Top 10 Richest cricketers in the world

S No. Player Country Net Worth
01 Sachin Tendulkar India $115 Million
02 Mahendra Singh Dhoni India $100 Million
03 Ricky Ponting Australia $65 Million
04 Sourav Ganguly India $55.5 Million
05 Imran Khan Pakistan $50 Million
06 Shane Warne Australia $50 Million
07 Virender Sehwag India $40 Million
08 Yuvraj Singh India $35.5 Million
09 Matthew Fleming England $30 Million
10 Yusuf Pathan India $26.5 Million


Top 10 Richest cricketers in the world

  1. Sachin Tendulkar
  2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  3. Ricky Ponting
  4. Sourav Ganguly
  5. Imran Khan
  6. Shane Warne
  7. Virender Sehwag
  8. Yuvraj Singh
  9. Matthew Fleming
  10. Yusuf Pathan

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