Brazilin captain Neymar

Pressure on Brazilin captain Neymar ‘Inhuman’, says Coach

Pressure on Brazilin captain Neymar ‘Inhuman’, says Coach

Brazil’s national football coach seriously warned on Wednesday against over-pressuring Neymar. It was just a day after the Olympic coach had said he was glad to depend on the star forward.

Pressure on Brazilin captain Neymar ‘Inhuman’, says Coach

Brazilin captain Neymar
Brazil will depend greatly on Neymar

Brazil’s Olympic coach admitted on Tuesday that he was relying on Barcelona star forward Neymar. He thinks Neymar is vital to shoot the hosts to a first Games gold in Rio next month.

“It’s inhuman to put all the responsibility on one person. The responsibility should be on the trainer and on the other team members and, when the time comes, on the one who has the quality to take responsibility,” national coach Tite told journalists.

Tite pointed to the victorious Portuguese team in the Euro championship. They defeated France in the final despite losing its star Cristiano Ronaldo early on to an injury.

Meanwhile, Argentina recently failed to beat Chile despite Messi’s presence, Tite said.

On Tuesday, however, Brazil’s Olympic coach Rogerio Micale embraced the idea of leaning on Neymar, saying “I want to be dependent on Neymar.”

Brazil has struggled recently to escape accusations of being a one-man team. They are with little threat beyond its Barcelona star.

Current under-20s coach Rogerio Micale (second from left ) has been coaching the team after Dunga. He has the duty for rejuvenating Brazilian football in Rio. Dunga lost his job following Brazil’s shock first-round exit from the Copa America.

“I want to be dependent on Neymar,” he said, as the squad went through its first training session for the Rio Games.

 “What coach in the world would not want a Neymar in his team? They say it’s not good to be dependent on Neymar, but I do not agree: I would always have a Neymar in my team.”
Brazilin captain Neymar
Micale has a lot of hope for Neymar

Micale’s stance is in stark contrast with Dunga. He had tried to suggest the Brazilian side was not a one-man team.

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